Kindergartners, first graders enjoy first Book Buddies program at Sacandaga

Vicky Milkins’s kindergartners paired with students in Kimberly Ogborn’s and Christine Capozzi’s grade 1 class today to create a better story for The Gingerbread Man as part of their monthly Book Buddies program.

The start the Book Buddies program, a grade 1 student, Emmett, read The Gingerbread Man.

Then each grade 1 student was partnered with a kindergartner.  The pair brainstormed something else that could chase the Gingerbread Man – a robot, a lion, a girl, a cat etc… To get them thinking, students finished a sentence: “The Gingerbread Man is hard to catch. He ran away from ______.”

Each team illustrated and wrote their idea on large paper.

The students worked together to create a new version of the classic story.

Here are a few pictures from today’s Book Buddies:

Two students work together to develop their project Students share ideas and work in teams Students work together on their projects Students brainstorm ideas to create a new story Students listen to The Gingerbread Man