Kindergartners at Sac acting as greeters to better connect with each other

Student dressed as a greeter in Kim Lavery's class
Kindergarten greeter, Olivia Lippiello, gets ready to welcome her friends back to class after the holiday break!

Students in Kim Lavery’s kindergarten class at Sacandaga have found a unique way to get to know each other better – they take turns acting as greeters for other students in the classroom.

Lavery said this was especially helpful for the four students who do not speak English as their native language, known as ENL (English as a New Language) students.

“One student started the school year with extremely limited English, so keeping him engaged was a challenge!,” said Lavery. “However, in just a few short months he is not only answering questions appropriately, but he is ‘telling stories!’  It’s amazing!”

The four ENL students in her class speak Spanish, Filipino (from the Phillipines), Urdu (spoken in both Pakistan and India) and Telugu (an Indian dialect).

Lavery’s mother in law designed the blue vests (similar to Walmart greeter vests) to help students practice using names and language with peers. “I felt the practical, purposeful language practice would benefit those particular (ENL) students,” said Lavery, “but it has been great for ALL of the students and they really look forward to both being a greeter….and getting greeted!”