Information about the Pinpoint Health Screening tool you’ll need before sending your children back to school

Dear Scotia-Glenville Families,

In a separate communication, you will receive details regarding our protocols and procedures to help us safely reopen schools created in consultation with the district’s reopening advisory teams. Our Scotia-Glenville families play a vital part in our reopening process and are a key component determining whether or not our schools remain open.

I am reaching out for your partnership to help us return to school safely and remain open. As part of that process, we are asking families to complete the Scotia Daily Health Screener starting on Monday morning prior to arrival at school.

About the screener & tutorial

Families will receive an email beginning on Monday morning, September 14. That email will introduce you to the screening tool and ask if you want to continue to receive emails or text messages in the future. Those emails will be sent before 6 a.m. each day. Completing the screening tool for your child is mandatory for them to come to school.

We selected this program very carefully as we wanted something that would be easy to use, compatible with just about any device yet protect our data. If you would like to learn more about the features of this health screener, please link the “About” link below. I have also included a video tutorial so you can know what to expect on Monday morning.


Video Tutorial:

How does the screener work?

We are among only a handful of districts in the area using a program with fortress-level security that allows you to respond in under a minute! The questions in the screener are from the CDC guidelines and, with physician guidance, emphasize that positive reporting of these symptoms should occur if the symptoms are  new and worsening for your child.

If your child is feeling well, the program will show you a “green” message at the end of the screener. If, in fact, your child is feeling unusually under the weather, please respond accordingly in the screening, and follow the directions on the “red” message at the end of the screener. If the need arises, we will work with the Schenectady Department of Health to determine next steps.

Questions about the screener

If you have a question about the health screener or the screening process, please submit your question through this form: The district will review your question and respond to frequently asked questions in a Q&A posted on our web site at . If you have a question that is specific to your child/household, we will reach out to you directly with a response. Please do not submit absences for your child through this form. We ask that if your child is under the weather, you still complete the screener and inform the school of your child’s absence.

The health and safety of our students and staff are of utmost importance. Please read my letter linked here to explain the need for these measures to ensure the continued health and safety of our school community. This letter also includes a daily checklist to help you and your family prepare for the changes of this coming school year.

Thank you for continuing to partner with me and keep us all in the “green”. I appreciate your continued help and support as we roll out this process!


Susan M. Swartz, Superintendent