If your children receive SG transportation, please complete a survey in PowerSchool

Scotia-Glenville School District continues to have a school bus driver shortage which is a local, regional and national problem.  This along with the uncertainty of Covid-19 impacts staffing and creates staff shortages.  These short-falls result in bus schedules and bus stops having to be amended to transport students in a timely and safe manner.

The school district has put into place various strategies to recruit bus drivers (bonus program, paid training).  The school district has also out-sourced some transportation to bus companies.

The length of time on a bus and the distance children travel are the changes most parents have noticed.  We are reaching out to the community to assist us in attempting to address these issues, knowing that these issues will probably continue throughout this school year.  We are asking you to complete a survey to determine what transportation needs your child(ren) need.  If your child(ren) are eligible for transportation, please complete the survey indicating the level of transportation your child(ren) need.

Directions to access the survey in PowerSchool are linked below: