Went to pick up my grandson today during the school relocation drill (at Glendaal)

COMMENT – Went to pick up my grandson today during the school relocation drill (at Glendaal).

Was very confusing around there. 

In front of the church where we had to pick up the kids is a sign for a chicken dinner fund raising event. Some of us thought that’s what was going on over there, myself and other parents were at the door of the school waiting (wouldn’t have broke the school to put a sign on the door). No answer at the door or office phone, and when one of the maintenance guys came to the door, he had a not so nice attitude.

I am very disappointed and concerned about how things were handled today, parents that were not aware of the situation could have been brought up to speed with a simple sign on the entry door to the school.

RESPONSE: Sorry that this situation happened. Every family was sent a letter explaining that, because of the relocation drill, children should be picked up at the church next door to Glendaal. As a grandparent, you obviously did not get that notification from the school.

Relocation drills tend to be confusing because we are trying to move 230+ children and staff quickly to another location. The principal and others try to make it as orderly as possible.

Schools have to practice at least 12 drills each year, including relocation and fire drills. Half of those have to be held before December 1.

Your suggestion of a sign on the door is a good idea. That will be considered in the future.