HS fundraiser for Glendaal student nets hundreds for her and the girls’ basketball program

The winning team from the tournament and members of the girls' varsity basketball team
The winning team and members of the varsity girls’ varsity basketball team who were involved in the fundraiser.

The girls’ varsity basketball team sponsored a 3 on 3 basketball tournament on Oct. 20 that involved 45 high school students on 12 teams and raised money for the program and for an ill Glendaal student.

The fundraiser raised $720 for the girls’ basketball program (new uniforms and warm ups) and $200 for grade 1 student Elliott Ray who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The donation box for Elliott will be at all girls’ varsity home games for continued fund-raising efforts throughout the season. The tournament also offered a Fall Basket raffle for the varsity program and bake sale for Elliott.

The varsity girls worked the clocks and scored while parent Kevin Winney and Girls Varsity Coach Megan Bowman refereed.

The organizer for the event was senior Asia Winney.

The 3 on 3 basketball tournament was open to all interested HS students for a $5.00 participation fee. NBA style brackets with one winner.

The winning team was Team Knicks – Nick Marola, Andrew LeMorta and Marcus Frechette.