Grade 7 students learn about nature in a deeper way at the Mine Kill State Park

Students on the field trip

Grade 7 students dove deeper into the environment during their May 23 field trip to the Mine Kill State Park.

Students experienced programs titled “Planet Planting” and “Invasive of New York State.”  These educational programs are linked to the Science 7 curriculum in the “Introduction to Living Things” unit and the “Ecology” unit.

Here’s what students learned on their trip:

  • Planet Planting – Students learned the many impacts a single tree can have on a life as well as the life cycle of a tree.  All students helped the Mine Kill Education Team plant a tree at the school, and then each student received a seedling of their own to take home.
  • Invasive of New York State – The invasive species program discussed the impacts of invasive species, how they came to New York, ways to prevent spreading, and how the park handles invasive species.  Students will learn how to conduct surveys for species such as Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, Emerald Ash Borer, and Zebra Mussels.

Students also visited the New York State Power Authority Visitors Center. Students experienced hands-on exhibits in energy resources, from the basic principles of electrical current to the latest advancements in renewable energy.  Specific exhibits included magnetism, AC vs. DC current, transformers, motors and generators, water cycles, the hydrology of the Schoharie Creek watershed, pump-storage hydroelectric elements and designs.  These activities immersed students in concepts from the Energy Resources, Kinetic and Potential Energy, and Cycles of Matter Units in the Science 7 curriculum.

Here are a few pictures from the trip. Check out more on Facebook.

Students looking thru a display at the park

Students doing an activity at the park Student checking out a display at the park Students on the field trip