Grade 3 students at Lincoln show off their social studies projects to their parents

JUNE 9, 2017
Grade 3 students in Kathy Powers and Anna Morlock’s classes at Lincoln showed off their social studies research about Italy and Japan today during a fair in the cafeteria.

Powers said the students learned social studies this year in three parts: the study of global issues as they impact the US culture, the study of Italian traditions and culture and then the study of Japanese traditions and culture at the end of the year.

Each student’s presentation included a five-slide PowerPoint presentation on a Chromebook, landmarks from the country, a map and something of their choice, such as a sports or cultural notation. She said the students learned a lot about Google presentations software and how to create and work with the program.

The event was well attended, with dozens of parents checking out their child’s presentation as well as other students’ work.

Elizabeth Fyvie and Dana Brockmann also teach grade 3 students each day.

Below are a few pictures from today’s event. Click on the image to enlarge it.