Grade 3 students at Glen-Worden work to free Smelf the Elf

Working on the search

Smelf the Elf really messed things up this time!

Today, the grade 3 students at Glen-Worden tried to help him out of the bind he put himself in.

Smelf thought he’d be funny to lock up some Christmas cheer and decorations as a game, but ended up locking himself inside the Breakout EDU box!  Luckily, he left clues around the room before getting stuck in the box!

The third graders will have to solve the clues to unlock the box and free that silly elf so he can report back to Santa on time. Students will have to utilize skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication to solve the clues within 45 minutes.

Here are a few pictures of students trying to find Smelf:

Students discussing the search for Smelf the Elf Students searching for Smelf the Elf

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