Grade 1 students at Glen-Worden learn about the first US Treasurer, Samuel Meredith

JUNE 8, 2017
Samuel Meredith, the first US treasurer (1798-1801), came to life for first-grade students in Carmella Caldara’s class.

Rick Reynolds, a retired history teacher from Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake and the husband of retired GW nurse Joanne Reynolds, gave a presentation, “Heroes, History, Honor,” to the children about Samuel Meredith. The Reynolds’ grandson, Mason Armbruster, is in Caldara’s class.

The presentation brought history to life and also illustrated the differences between reality, fantasy/fiction and  nonfiction, said Caldara. Rick Reynolds arrived as “Mr. Meredith” from the 1780s, and then “became” the Mr. Reynolds of today. “He went back and forth between the two and the kids loved it,” said Caldara. Mrs. Meredith was played by Joanne Reynolds.

Here are a few pictures from the event. Click on the image to enlarge it.