Glendaal students show they are focused on nutrition and exercise during Winter Activity Day

Student contorted doing an exercise

Glendaal students are focused on their health, and they showed it during Winter Activity Day today.

The day, sponsored by the Fireball Health and Fitness Club, saw students wriggling through obstacle courses in the hallway, doing exercises with a workout video in the cafeteria, practicing a fitness dance in the gym, exercising with a buddy workout in a grade 1 classroom and topping it all off with healthy reading in the library.

As with most activities at Glendaal, the program was built around buddy classes – a pairing of a younger students with older ones.

“We are getting students to think more about nutrition and exercise,” said Princpial Thomas Eagan.

The Fireball Health and Fitness Club has also developed a website to help students keep track of their activities and try new ones. Here’s that website –

The assembly in the cafeteria began with a wakeup notice from the website’s Healthiest Grade Challenge – grade 1 students are in the best shape in the building followed by kindergartners. The challenge is on for the other grades!

The website includes fitness materials, videos and Fireball’s library of suggested reading material.

Here are several photos on Facebook.

Student contorted doing an exercise Students reading in a blue chair Students doing exercise in class Student going through an obstacle course