Glendaal students and staff celebrate reading success by taping principal to the wall

Principal is attached to the wall

The biggest thing on Tom Eagan’s mind was probably whether anybody – likely a staff member – would try to tape his mouth shut.

That didn’t happen.

Glendaal’s principal had agreed to be duct taped to the wall – in this case, the doors of the physical education supply room – if students at Glendaal read – a lot.

And they did!

In just the month of March, Glendaal students read for 228,000 minutes. That’s 3,800 hours. That’s 158 days!

“That is pretty awesome,” Eagan told the students in the assembly before he was duct taped. “I am so proud of you guys for reading that much in just one month. So, I told you we’d do something pretty crazy!”

Students at the school voted on what they wanted Eagan to do if they reached the reading total. The choices: throw a pie in his face, wrap him in toilet paper, duct tape him to a wall, make him into a “principal sundae” and spray silly string all over him.

They opted for the duct tape. The silly string choice was a close second.

Fireball, the school’s mascot, was in the cafeteria and gym to cheer students on during the assembly and duct taping.

Students took turns, by grade, applying several colored pieces of duct tape to  their principal. One student held an end of the tape cut into long strips by their teachers in advance. After all 220 students had attached about 110 pieces of duct tape to him, and each staff member added their tape, he put a different twist on the reading challenge: what if the stool he was standing on was removed? Would he stay up on the doors?

With the help of some staff members, the stool was removed and he stayed suspended on the wall! That means the duct tape was holding up his entire body weight, which he described as “on the light side of 240 pounds.”

Lowe’s Home Improvement donated the duct tape for this project.

Here are several photos on Facebook.

Principal is attached to the wall
Principal Eagan stays suspended without a stool to stand on!
Eagan and Fireball share a moment
Fireball chats it up with Mr. Eagan as the principal is duct taped to doors in the gym.
Students apply duct tape to Eagan
Students attached duct tape to Mr. Eagan
Eagan looks down at the duct tape attached to him
Mr. Eagan takes a look at all the duct tape on him.