Glen-Worden grade 5 ‘reverse parade’ brightens the end of the year

Photos of students on display at GW

Teachers and staff stood in front of the school and hooted and hollered, even setting off bubbles, as nearly 40 decorated cars drove through the grade 5 “reverse parade” today at Glen-Worden.

Students were given Hawaiian-themed goodie bags, invitations to a final celebration on the last day of virtual classes on Wednesday and some received Presidential Academic Awards as they went through the parade route, around the loop in front of the school. Many cars went through the loop twice.

Large pictures (20 by 24 inches) of each student were displayed in the front of the building.

The parade was organized by teachers Christine DeCarlo, Holly Gatto and Laura Hoskin. Many teachers signed farewell messages to students on the back of the large photos, which will be given to the students.

Below are a few photos from today’s parade.

Here are many more pictures on Facebook.

Car drives through the parade Posing for pictures with a student Students hung out of cars during the parade