GIVE Back Room providing help for those in need

It looks like a small boutique. There are racks of clothes – men’s and women’s, shoes, jeans and pants on shelves, winter coats and hats. Really, anything that a shopper would need – even a fitting room – is located right there – across from the B-wing cafeteria at the high school.

Since mid-January, at the Superintendent’s Conference Day, Scotia-Glenville staff members have been bringing in gently used clothes to be offered to high school students in need.

Each school building has a Megabin, in which staff have continued to donate clothes to the program.

To date, 46 students have stopped into the GIVE Back Room to grab something that they needed.

“The kids in GIVE scout through all of the donations and make sure it’s something another student would want,” said Bruce Kohout, the director of the GIVE service learning program at the high school. “What we don’t think we can use, we donate to the City Mission.”

He said he wasn’t too surprised by the outpouring. “There is a need for people to clean out their closets,” he said with a chuckle. “We ask that all of the clothes be in good condition.”

Students come into the room and sign into a computer. No names or circumstances are asked; they are simply asked what they took and what else they think the room should offer.

“This is open to anyone to come in and take what they need,” he said, adding that the program is based on trust. “We hope that they will take things that they actually need.”

Brianna McGlauflin, one of the GIVE organizers, said she is also hoping to develop a program in which staff donates toiletries to the program. “If kids need clothes, they may need toiletries as well,” she added.

She’s developing that program as a service learning project through her New Visions program. She is in health careers at Ellis.

Here are a few photos of Brianna and Sophia Schaub, both seniors, organizing the clothes in the GIVE Back Room.

Students looking over shoe donations in the GIVE Back Room