Glen-Worden students bring joy and breakfast into the lives of those at the City Mission

Student serving a muffin to a diner

The 20 grade 5 students and their parents from Glen-Worden Elementary School brought joy and breakfast to the more than 60 community members and residents – men and women – who stopped into the Schenectady City Mission Dining Center this morning.

This annual service project, which began after a prayer, is a way for students to help those at the Mission. A parent committee raised more than $2,000 to purchase the food and supplies used at the breakfast. Any money not used to cover the expense of the food and other items (plates, cups etc.) was donated to the City Mission.

The students and parent served as waitresses and waiters to the patrons of the Mission.

Organizers say that the event teaches students the value of service to community.  Hopefully it sparks students to pursue joining GIVE service learning activities at Scotia-Glenville Middle and High School.

This service learning program, which has been going on for at least 20 years, is more than just showing up to serve breakfast. There have been many hours behind the scenes to make this project a reality:

  • Students made placemats at school to be used at the meal on Saturday.  This was done primarily at recess, which the students volunteered  to give up.
  • Students volunteered to make paper flowers at recess to be put in bud vases at each table at the Mission.
  • Students baked muffins the Thursday evening before the event.
  • The students entertained the guests with a sing-along. Check out a video of the students performing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” on YouTube.
  • The committee organized a school-wide sock drive to include the entire school community in this service project.  Donated socks will also be given to the Mission.

Several media attend the event:

  • WRGB
  • WNYT
  • Spectrum News

Here are some photos from the event. Click on the image to enlarge it: