Fourth graders at Glendaal make flower seed strips for all students to plant

Showing the seeds in their original packaaging

Last week, students in Juliana Potts’s and Tana Case’s grade 4 classes at Glendaal celebrated Earth Day (today, April 24) by making wild flower seed strips from recycled paper.

As part of the Earth Day awareness project, the school also had two guests  share tips to preserve the Earth on the announcements.

Each day, Case prepared environmentally friendly items (bookmarks with tips, recycled wood pencils, and paper straws) for each student, delivered to classes by 4th grade volunteers.

The grade 4 students shredded many sheets of paper, both construction and plain paper, from the building’s recycling bin. The paper was then soaked in water overnight.

Then the students put the wet paper in the blender and blended it into a gloppy soup.

The seeds, which could not be blended, were then blended into the soup. The mixture was squeezed somewhat dry, a hole was created in the center of the concoction, and they were placed on an absorbent pad to dry by the window overnight.

Once the paper was dry, students attached directions for planting with kite string. Each student at Glendaal got a wildflower seed paper strip that they can then plant in their yards. Students are told how to rake the ground, put the paper down and cover with soil. The seeds should take about two weeks to sprout.

The Earth Day celebration ended with a short assembly and a walk with  buddy classes outside.

Here are a few photos from the project. Check more out on Facebook.

Blending the soup of paper and water Strips of seeds waiting to dry next to a window Pressing the hole in the center to allow them to be hung Showing the seeds in their original packaaging