NEWSLETTER STORY: Fields, auditorium proposal going to the voters May 15


The Board of Education’s top goal for the 2017-18 school year is to bring a project to the community that includes upgrading athletic fields,both auditoriums and the building roofs.

Superintendent Susan Swartz presented an outline of potential costs to the board on Sept. 25 that totaled $13.4 million – including $1.8 million for the auditoriums (HS and MS), $6.2 million for the high school roof and $1.4
million for a synthetic field inside the current track. It did not include the additional approximately $800,000 to upgrade the remaining grass fields.

It also included $4 million in high school locker room upgrades. Board members were cool to that idea.

The state would return about 74 percent of the overall cost through state building aid. Board members agreed that they would upgrade all of the fields on a rotating schedule, perhaps over a few years, but include them all as part of the same overall capital project presented to the community in May.

The fields at Scotia-Glenville get a lot of use – they are used every day, at least during the fall and spring, by after-school athletic teams as well as by physical education students during the school day.

While the fields are generally safe, students are getting hurt on them during practices and athletic contests.

During the 2016-17 school year, out of more than 300 interscholastic athletes, there were 20 reported injuries on the fields after school hours. Several injuries involved twisting ankles and legs while running, slipping on the grass or a contact injury.

A capital project proposal would likely be presented during community voting on May 15.