Ever wonder what’s inside your computer?

Two students hold part of a computer in their hands

If you’ve ever wondered what’s inside that computer that you sit in front of, or that tablet that sits in your lap, you would not be alone.

Most people never peer inside these technological marvels, mostly out of fear of touching something that will mess it up! But the five students in the grade 4 iOPAL class at Glen-Worden know the answer.

Today, GE computer engineer Steve Zingelewicz, whose daughter Alannah is in the group, took the iOPAL group on an expedition inside a computer. Students were able to look at the inside of a computer, laptop, and tablet to see how code and computers work.

Students in iOPAL have been learning about Scratch Code and they were amazed to see how computers used code and how fast computers could process information.

Here are a few photos from today’s program.