English 9 students learn the history of sugar and maple syrup

APRIL 20, 2017

English 9 students got a sweet treat in class: they recently completed studying about maple syrup and sugar and how the need to continue sugar production in the south encouraged the spread of slavery.

The students, who are taught by Sarah Hoffmann, studied a book called “Sugar Changed the World,” which incorporates the common core learning standards. The book was written by Marc Aronson and Marina Budhos.

“Students have spent tremendous time learning about how the spread of sugar led to the spread of slavery and inspired ideas of freedom,” said Hoffmann. The students worked in collaboration with Liz Fawcett, school librarian, for each student’s research project. The students created an info graphic to present to the class based on some type of sugar (yogurt, energy drinks, soda, maple syrup, etc).

Students also participated in a taste test of many different forms of sugar, in yogurt, beets, natural sweeteners, fruits, etc. Guest speaker Bill Faulkner, whose wife Amanda teaches English at the high school, discussed the process of maple sugaring with the class and brought samples for students to try. He also discussed how maple sugar production is a business.

Cheryl Urban-Wessinger, speech therapist, worked with students throughout the unit.

Here are the students and their entries. Click on the image to enlarge it.