Do we need to watch the Khan Academy videos?

COMMENT: For sixth grade Khan Academy summer work, our instruction sheet says we need to do quizzes and unit tests for math and science only. Are we supposed to watch every single video and complete every worksheet as well? I’ve been doing all the lessons and quizzes and unit tests, but it would be a pain to have to watch all the videos. our instruction sheet also says we only have about 4 hours of math and 1.5 hours of science work to do.

COMMENT: I was a sixth grader last year. I am going into seventh grade accelerated math and science. I was given summer Khan Academy work. In Khan Academy, do we have to watch all the instruction videos to get full credit? Our instruction sheet given to us in June does not say we need to watch instructional videos, however our assignments on the website list the videos. Please help. I am extremely confused.

RESPONSE: The videos are available to students if they would like to watch them as their Khan Academy summer assignment is review of important material they have already learned. Some students fast forward through the videos to get to a specific explanation, some watch the entire video, some skip the videos altogether. In September, teachers will be looking at students quiz and unit test results in Khan. We use that information to determine where students will need additional help in the fall.

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