COVID notifications and mask wearing

COMMENT: Why are we not being notified via email of cases this year and more detailed information like we were last year of cases? Also my middle schooler keeps coming home stating that some kids are not wearing their masks over their noses/mouth and some teachers do not ask them to fix their masks and students are moving all around the room. There is no way this is being taken into account with contact tracing as the students breath is reaching further then with the mask on properly. Now a particular student has been out for a number of days who has not been masking properly and my child is rightfully concerned.  Who should parents be bringing these concerns to if the teacher is not handling it in the room? When sending our kids in we were told there would be ventilation, spacing and MASKING.

RESPONSE: The cases are being posted at the top of the mainpage for 10 days, the length of a quarantine, on this page – You can also see the cumulative number of cases by clicking on the COVID tracker on the same page. Sending the information to everybody after each seemed like too much since anyone directly impacted by a particular case was notified through contact tracing, often before the notices were being sent.

Teachers are doing their best to ensure that students keep masks on at all times, except during breaks and lunch/recess. Teachers at the secondary level are responsible for between 120 and 130 students a day, typically. So that is a big undertaking but teachers are doing their best. MS Principal Robert Cosmer also said he was on the MSBC morning announcements last Friday to go over how to properly wear masks.

We would encourage you to encourage your own child to keep his or her mask on properly, to ensure a level of protection. If your child can be vaccinated, we would also encourage that, again as another level of protection. If you have concerns about the mask use and enforcement in a particular building, you should contact the principal.

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