Cookie Fundraiser on Dec. 8 will benefit the Weekend Backpack program and high school food pantry

Cookie fundraiser poster, Dec. 8, First Reformed Church
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You could slave over a hot stove to make cookies for hours on end this holiday season…or you could grab cookies by the pound at a fundraiser Saturday, Dec. 8, 12-4 p.m., at the First Reformed Church, 224 North Ballston Ave., Scotia.

And you’d be helping a necessary cause – the Weekend Backpack Program that provides sustenance for 88 SG elementary and middle school children every week and a high school food pantry – at the same time.

The event will have a huge array of homemade holiday themed cookies which you can purchase by the pound! The cost is $8 per pound.

All money raised for the cookie sale will be used to provide extra food to families in the program for over each of the next three vacation periods.

The box of food typically contains a whole turkey, mashed potatoes, canned fruits and vegetables, several entrees, soup, snacks, and cereal.

The families are very grateful since vacations can be very challenging for them. 46 families participated in the distribution before Thanksgiving and a letter to families will go home this Friday inviting them to sign up for the extra food before the holiday vacation.

So, please stop in on Saturday and buy some home-made cookies and contribute to this great program for our Scotia-Glenville families!