Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

Students posing at graduationThe 188 members of the Class of 2018 walked across the stage today at Proctor’s Theater as they begin to chart their paths and go in many different directions in the future.

Superintendent Susan Swartz noted in her comments that the Class of 2018 was entering kindergarten when she became Scotia-Glenville’s superintendent in 2005.  She said that, while all graduating classes are “special,” that distinction places the class of 2018 a notch higher.

She commended them for having the “grit” to “have struggled, failed, struggled, and then met with success. I have watched your performance in the classroom, on the stage, in athletics, through our GIVE program. I know of some of the problems and challenges you have faced and overcome, at school, home, and in the community. I have, quite literally, watched you become the young women and men seated here today.”

Three students pose before graduation“I look at you and see your intelligence, compassion, energy and grit….gifts that will take you to all kind of places, serve you through good and bad times, and propel you to do more than you ever believed possible. I look at you and imagine the future….a future made better by the contributions you will make, by the ideas you will discover, by the kindness you will show others. The future I imagine, the one you will shape, awaits you,” she told the graduates.

Read Swartz’s entire speech.

Gabriella Therrien, in her address “The Knight Within Us,” encouraged her fellow classmates to face their fears.

“People say fears will hold you back from doing what you want to do. But, I do not believe that is true. Fear is what drives us forward. Fear motivates us to be brave, to face our demons,” she said. “After all, according to Merriam Webster, the definition of bravery is the ability to face your fears. Therefore, without fear, you would never have the chance to be a brave knight, or to face the challenge of conquering your fears.”

Students take a moment before graduationShe encouraged her classmates to pursue three things as they continue on their paths: persistence, bravery and support

  • “Persistence requires that every time you fall down, you must get back up, and you must keep moving forward,” she said.
  • No one is born brave; it’s not that simple. Everyone has to work for a chance to be brave,” she said.
  • “Everyone needs some support once in a while, so, when you see someone who needs help, offer your support,” she added.

Kyle Rankin, in “DMV,” encouraged his classmates to remember the lessons learned at SGHS.

“I think there has been a time for all of us when we have felt we knew everything we needed to know. And in those cases, we might find ourselves thinking that any other information is useless to us,” he said.

“However, even in those moments when we think we might know everything, there will still always be questions. Maybe small questions, big questions, stupid questions, questions that can never be answered,” he said.

Five students stop for a picture before graduationThe path ahead may be tough, Kyle said, but don’t let others put a label on you. “I feel that as we continue our journey post high school, we will come across barriers blocking our path. I am almost certain that one of those will be labels. We will come across being judged and treated differently based on a variety of labels that can be put on us. Whether it be age, gender, race or sexuality, there will always be someone out there to find something about you and make it define you. But that’s not what defines you,” he said.

Read the students’ entire graduation speeches here.

Class of 2018 demographics

Among the future plans of class of 2018:

  • 74.5 percent will attend a two- or four-year college (59.6 percent of those will attend a four-year school; 41.4 percent will attend a two-year school)
  • 12.2 percent will seek employment
  • 5.3 percent are uncertain of their next steps
  • 3.2 percent will pursue other options
  • 2.7 percent will join the military services
  • 1.6 percent will attend vocational training
  • 0.5 percent will attend adult services

Class of 2018 quote

Here is the class quote that was featured in the graduation program: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” Steve Jobs

A listing of the Class of 2018

These scholarship awards and honors were presented on June 1 at the high school.

Scholastic Honor Award Medalists

15 students who will receive Scholastic Medals at graduation
Congratulations to the Class of 2018 Scholastic Honor Award medalists!

Fifteen senior received Scholastic Medals at the beginning of the graduation ceremony.

The medals are awarded to the students with the highest academic averages in the class.

Read more about the students here.

The top students were also featured in a story in the Daily Gazette last weekend.

Scotia-Glenville’s Alma Mater

Come now cheer for dear old Scotia,
Let your voices fill the air
Our hearts beat high with rapture,
As we see our colors fair.
In our work, and in our pleasure
For our high school we will fight.
While we cheer for dear old Scotia,
And the Crimson and the White.

We will wear our Tartan proudly,
As we battle through the game.
We will serve our Alma Mater
And protect her from all shame.
May our friendships last forever.
May our future years be bright.
Let’s remember dear old Scotia
And the Crimson and the White

Here are some photos from today’s ceremony.