Students refurbish donated computers, tour PVA in Cohoes

Local businessman Tony Hynes from Precision Valve Automation (PVA) in Cohoes donated 20 computers from his business that were refurbished by the Computers for Kids program through the Scotia-Glenville Education Foundation.

Computers for Kids refurbishes computers for students and families who need them.

Students in Matt Hubbell’s AP Computer Science Course, having completed their coursework for the year, used the remaining time in the school year to clean and re-image these computers so they could be ready for use by SG students and families in need in the fall.

At the start of the school year, the high school will survey students to find out those who may need a computer for their home. These refurbished machines will be given to the students who can use them.

After completing the cleaning/re-imaging process, the students from the AP Computer Science Class were invited to participate in a field trip to Precision Valve Automation, Hynes’s factory in Cohoes. They toured the facility and learned about the many jobs that occur in this field.

PVA does precision coating of circuit boards, fine machining and fabrication.  The various applications include computer programming and machine construction. Students got a clear demonstration of workforce opportunities in these areas.