Class of 2019 says goodbye to Scotia-Glenville High School

Students pause for a moment

The 111th commencement ceremony for Scotia-Glenville High School was held at Proctor’s Theater on Saturday, June 29, 2019.

A total of 199 students received diplomas. Here’s the program from the ceremony.

Superintendent Susan Swartz said she sees great things ahead for the graduates.

“I look at you and see your intelligence, compassion, energy and spirit….gifts that will take you to all kinds of places, serve you through good and bad times, and propel you onward even as you leave this chapter of your lives behind,” she said.

“I look at you and imagine the future….a future made better by the contributions you will make, by the ideas you will discover, by the kindness you will show others.  The future I imagine, the one you will shape, awaits you.”

Read Susan’s entire speech here.

Myles Piotrowski told his fellow classmates that their time in the “safe harbor” of Scotia-Glenville Central Schools is coming to an end.

“Throughout our elementary school, middle school, and high school years, we have stayed in the protected waters of the harbor,” Myles told his fellow graduates. “In this tranquil harbor, we have learned more than just academics. We have learned more than how to fill in a bubble on a multiple choice test. We have learned more than how to present on topics that we have studied. Perhaps the most important things that we have learned to date are the values of loyalty, friendship, leadership, empathy, and ambition. These values, above all others, will help catapult us to adulthood success.

“However, our time in the friendly waters of this harbor is rapidly waning. As the sun rises on a new day, and the open sea ahead of us is illuminated, we as graduates will leave this harbor and venture out into the great beyond. What lies in store for the rest of our lives at this point, remains unbeknownst to all humankind.”

Read Myles’s entire speech here.

Allie Jerrold said it was difficult for her to put together one speech that would resonate with all of her fellow graduates.

“So as I was trying to come up with what to say, a quote I love came to me. It is from Gina Linetti, a character from the show Brooklyn 99, ‘Life is chaos, success is arbitrary, and confidence is everything.’

“These words mean a lot to me. This quote came from the episode saying goodbye to Gina’s character. She was leaving the job she has had for years to venture into the unknown towards bigger and better things in life. She said this to her boss, who was trying to discourage her from leaving, but she reassured him that she would be okay. Leaving somewhere comfortable for a better future was what she knew she needed to do to continue being happy in life. She was able to stay confident in herself even though everyone else was worried for her.

“That’s a lot like what we’re about to do. We’re at the point where everything is about to change.”

Read Allie’s entire speech here.

The class quote was: “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” Dr. Seuss

Here are the awards received by the Class of 2019 at graduation.

Scholastic Honor Award recipients

A total of 26 students were recognized as Scholastic Honor Award recipients, meaning they achieved the highest cumulative averages in the class. They were given a medal on stage on Saturday.

The recognized students were: Cristiana Bianchi, Liam Burke, Corrine Conley, Gwenyth Currie, Breeze de Jong, Nhu Quynh Ngoc Duong, Gabrielle Estes, Haley Francois, Amy Fuller, Katherine Gallagher, Alexandra Jerreld,Tatiana Leggiero, Molly Malone, Abigail Marola, Emily McCarthy, Brianna McGlauflin, Keith Ogden, Thomas Omicinski, Ashlyn O’Neil, Sophia Schaub, Mikayla Schoonmaker, Lauren Sill, Joey Titus, John Toftegaard, Kaitlyn Wilson, and Asia Winney.

Top students from the Class of 2019
These 26 students received the Scholastic Honor Award medal at graduation.
FIRST ROW (front): Emily McCarthy, Abigail Marola, Nhu Quynh Ngoc Duong, Tatiana Leggiero, Asia Winney, Alexandra Jerreld, Gabrielle Estes, and Katherine Gallagher
SECOND ROW (middle): Mikayla Schoonmaker, Liam Burke, Molly Malone, Sophia Schaub, Lauren Sill, Amy Fuller, Brianna McGlauflin, Thomas Omicinski, Gwenyth Currie, and Cristiana Bianchi
THIRD ROW (back): Keith Ogden, Breeze de Jong, John Toftegaard, Corrine Conley, Kaitlyn Wilson, Ashlyn O’Neil, and Haley Francois

Scotia-Glenville High School Departmental Awards

The awards are given to a member of the graduating class in each of the disciplines. The recipient must have completed a sequence in the subject, excelled academically, demonstrated commitment, and enthusiasm which is indicative of continued interest and success in the field. These students were recognized:

  • ENGLISH, Breeze de Jong
  • WORLD LANGUAGES, Danial Rehman
  • MATHEMATICS, John Toftegaard
  • SCIENCE/HEALTH, Keith Ogden
  • SOCIAL STUDIES, Breeze de Jong
  • ART, Shaelyn Kahrs
  • MUSIC, Liam Fitzgerald
  • PHYSICAL EDUCATION, Catherine Rumfelt
  • TECHNOLOGY, Nicholas Wolfe

Here are some photos from today’s ceremony. Check out many more on Facebook.

Students with gown and checkered shirt Bagpiper that began ceremony Superintendent gives address to crowd Students get ready for graduation Students share a moment