Career and Technical students are adjusting to virtual learning

Student learning while doing at CTE

Student wearing a mask during cosmetologySG’s BOCES Career and Technical Education students – whose future careers demand hands-on learning – are doing their best during this time of virtual learning.

Here are a few of their thoughts:

“I rather be in school but I guess it’s (distance learning) been going good. Trying to type the work has been most difficult.” – Matt Akerson, SG, HVAC/R

“I’ve been building stuff with my grandpa forever and I really enjoy it.” – Christian Karhan, SG, Building Trades

Student working on a project at CTE“I love coming in here and interacting with the pets and learning their personalities and learning new skills that I can use later in life.” – Natalie Stegman, SG, Pet Tech, wants to be a groomer,

“I am going to HVCC for HVAC/R next year. I have done this my whole life and I enjoy. My dad did HVAC forever and now he is a senior boiler operator at RPI. I enjoy working with my hands, figuring out what is wrong and how to repair it.” – Joe Czerepak, HVAC/R, SG

Student welding at CTE“I am going because I enjoy cosmetology and I think it would be a fun experience.” – Alana Seifert, SG, Cosmetology.

“I get to come here e very day and melt metal and swing a hammer – what is there not to like about it?” – Jacob Oathout, SG, Welding. “I never did welding before I came here and I knew barely anything about it. I came here and said ‘wow, this is fun’,” and now I am going to do it for a career.”