Trying to find names of staff members on website

COMMENT: Why can’t we just have a convenient quick link somewhere easily accessible to find the names of all of the staff members in each building.  I’ve spent 20 minutes looking for this and I know it is here but it is so ridiculously difficult to find.  Are you trying to hide the names of the people that work in the school?

main page of Scotia-Glenville website
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RESPONSE: All administrators, teachers, teaching assistants and elementary secretary email addresses are located on the Contact Us page, at the top of the mainpage of the website right above the word “Scotia” in “Scotia-Glenville.” Not all employees are listed there, just the categories mentioned above.

In general, to contact an employee, the email address will be his or her first initial along with last name  For example,  There are some exceptions to that that, but it is the general rule.

Sorry you had a problem finding the information you needed.