Camp Cardinal at Glendaal a fun time despite being held inside

The annual Camp Cardinal celebration was held inside today (June 19) because of threatening rain and thunderstorms. Despite that, Glendaal students made the most of it by squirming through the Jungle Path, getting refreshments at the Calm Cafe, partaking in Cardinal Yoga, working out during the “Feed Your Body” relay in the hallway, playing Be Active Bingo and creating a Zen Garden in the cafeteria.

Students went through the various activities with their buddies from another class. For example, third grade students are paired with kindergarten students and fifth-graders have second-grade buddies.

Each station lasted 15 minutes and then rotated to the next one. There were six stations in total.

In the past, with nice weather, these activities are spread throughout the back field around the playground as well as in the gym and cafeteria.

Here are a few pictures from the events today. Click on the image to enlarge it.