Boys lacrosse team hosts clinic for community lacrosse players

The big Tartans worked with the little Tartans.

There were a lot of sticks swinging in the new gym at the high school last Saturday as the school’s boys’ varsity lacrosse team hosted a clinic for 25 players in the S-G Tartan Youth Lacrosse program.

“Not only did the youth players and coaches get a chance to watch the varsity team go through some live action drills, but the varsity lacrosse team lead the youth players through some drills as well,” said Brett Campbell, boys’ varsity lacrosse coach and Glen-Worden physical education teacher.

The clinic was a great opportunity to strengthen the connection between the school lacrosse program and the youth lacrosse program by teaching the youth players and coaches the same concepts and language that is used by the varsity program, he added.

“The sport of lacrosse binds our programs together and the brotherhood of the sports history makes one family,” said Campbell.

Here are a few photos from Saturday’s clinic: