Board of Education recognizes retirees and students for special achievement

Students recognized for outstanding achievement
From left, David Sanders, Dominic Jack, Brianna McGlauflin, Gabrielle Estes and Katherine Gallagher

The Board of Education held its annual recognition meeting for retirees and students recognized for special achievement last night.

Retirees had logged a total of 337 years of service to Scotia-Glenville students and parents.

Staff recognized at retirement board meeting
Front row, from left, Marcia Smith, Carmella Caldara, Linda Regina, Lisa Jeffreys and Jeannine Vetrano Second row, from left, Gregg Petricca, John Miller, William Lydon, Cheryl Urban Wessinger and James (Rick) Warren

In addition to those recognized, dozens of family members and friends attended the meeting.

Board members read statements about each recognized individual. Read those statements from board members here.

Here are the individuals recognized at the meeting:

Recognition of Special Student Accomplishments from the Class of 2019:

  • Michael Burns
  • Gabrielle Estes
  • Katherine Gallagher
  • Dominic Jack
  • Brianna McGlauflin
  • David Sanders

Recognition of Retiring Instructional/Non Instructional Personnel:

  • Beverly Brooks – Teacher Aide – Transportation, 20 years
  • Carmella Caldara – Elementary Teacher – Glen-Worden Elementary School, 33 years
  • Armand Canestraro – School Bus Driver – Transportation Department, 7.5 years
  • Lisa Jeffreys – School Social Worker – Lincoln Elementary School, 31 years
  • William Lydon – School Psychologist – High School, 27 years
  • John Miller – School Bus Driver – Transportation, 22 years
  • Gregg Petricca – Maintenance Mechanic – Buildings & Grounds, 35 years
  • Linda Regina – Special Education Teacher – Glendaal Elementary School, 30.5 years
  • Marcia Smith – Elementary Teacher – Glen-Worden Elementary School, 19 years
  • Cheryl Urban Wessinger – Speech Language Pathologist – Senior High School, 15 years
  • Carol M. Valentine, Teacher Aide – Transportation, six years
  • Jeannine Vetrano – Elementary Teacher – Sacandaga Elementary School, 31 years
  • James (Rick) Warren – English Language Arts Teacher – High School, 29 years
  • Richard Wiesen – Audio Visual Technician – Districtwide, 31 years