Board of Education adopts 2020-21 tax rates; lower than projected in June

Growth in the tax base has allowed the Board of Education to adopt 2020-21 tax rates that, for Glenville/Scotia taxpayers, increases by 1.78% over last year’s rate.

Before the school district budget vote in June, the tax increase for 2020-21 was projected at 2.66%.

Business Administrator Andrew Giaquinto said the tax base grew by $11 million over last year, in large part thanks to the Glen Esk apartments (next to the high school), +$4.8 million, and a parcel in the industrial park that moved onto the tax rolls, +$3.6 million.

For the home with a typical assessment of $160,000, that means a tax bill increase of $66 or $5.50 per month before savings from the state’s STAR school property tax reduction program ($620 reduction for BASIC STAR and $1,199 for ENHANCED STAR).

The Board of Education adopted these rates:

  • Glenville/Scotia – $23.771 per $1,000 assessed value, an increase of 1.78%
  • Town of Charlton – $29.365 per $1,000 assessed value, a decrease of 1.21%
  • Town of Amsterdam – $207,869 per $1,000 assessed value, an increase of 0.26%

The tax levy will be set at $31.007 million, an increase of 2.66% from last year. The state’s maximum tax levy increase for Scotia-Glenville was 2.67%.