August 5, 2020 minutes


Transportation, Food Services, Health and Safety Advisory Committee


Peter Bednarek welcomed folks to the google meet and introduced Christine Nofri, John Geniti, Andrew Giaquinto, Clara Bisaillon, Pete Zwack and Tonya Federico.

An outline was emailed to committee members before the meeting that highlighted some of the things the district is currently doing and looking to implement/adjust to meet the reopening guidelines.

Pete Bednarek discussed the format of these meetings and the Advisory Committee Norms for conducting the meeting virtually.

Members were encouraged to use the google form for any questions or suggestions.  The concept of a “virtual parking lot” was discussed for topics that were raised that did not specifically relate to this committee’s charge.

Pete Bednarek asked if anyone would be willing to be the note taker for our virtual meetings.  If interested please email Pete.

John Geniti will be Liaison with the Communications Committee.

Pete Bednarek discussed the different charges of the committee and the work that the committee will need to accomplish over the next few weeks.

Hand hygiene protocols  including cleaning hands before and after lunch

Mask wearing protocols including on buses, in high congestion areas, and before and after eating

Facility and maintenance protocols

Respiratory hygiene procedures/protocols

Identifying symptoms procedures/protocols

Protocols for social distancing/cleaning  in classrooms / restrooms

Protocols for social distancing/cleaning  within kitchens for food service staff

Establishing a space of isolation for those suspected of having or being exposed to COVID 19

Protocols and safety measures for COVID 19 testing

Protocols for school buildings and other facilities including transportation, buildings and grounds and district office

Protocols / procedures for meals served in school and those given to students learning remotely (including protecting students with food allergies)

Protocols/procedures for transportation  (including boarding, seating, and exiting the bus)

Protocols / procedures for transportation staff including health checks, social distancing, use of hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves when needed


Health & Safety- Pete Bednarek/Drew Giaquinto

Discussion of current cleaning practices and trainings that have already occurred.

Discussion of topics the district will need to address to meet the guidelines for reopening.

Transportation- Drew Giaquinto

The district will go from 2 bus runs to 3 bus runs to accommodate social distancing requirements.

Bussing times will be determined once building Principals finalize the academic schedule.

Food Services- Christine Nofri


Continue with Breakfast in the Classroom.
Lunch will follow the same procedures as Breakfast in the Classroom.

High School/Middle School

There will be prepackaged breakfast available to students as they enter the building.

Lunch- Students will pick up their prepackaged lunch and will be eating in the gymnasiums for greater social distancing.

Virtual Learners-

There will be a central location for these students to pick up their breakfast and lunch

Peter Bednarek asked the committee members to look at each of the documents in the area of Health & Safety, Transportation and Food Services.  Members are encouraged to please put suggestions, questions and ideas on these topics to help guide next week’s discussion.

It was discussed that we may need to break topics up into sub committees to get everything done in a timely manner.

A committee member asked a question through the group chat, if staff are being trained in contact tracing through John’s Hopkins Contact Training Course.

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