Letter to parents about extracurricular games

September 2015

Dear Parents & Guardians:

Athletic events and extra curricular activities are a very important aspect of school life. They are part of the fabric of what makes Scotia-Glenville Central Schools the center of the community. Spectators who attend these events come to support our students and to enjoy the community atmosphere.

In the past few years we have seen more middle and elementary school pupils left unsupervised by their parents at high school athletic games. As a result of this, more incidents of misconduct, rudeness, and other inappropriate behaviors are being reported to supervisors at these contests. This has particularly become a problem at football games and basketball games.

This is not safe. At football games, these students are playing on the SAC playground, milling around the SAC field, playing around the perimeters of the football field or taking off to the soccer area or baseball dugouts.  At basketball games, spectators are distracted by the constant movement of these youngsters in and out of the stands.

While we have staff members who supervise these events, the size of the campus and number of spectators diminish our ability to safely supervise unattended youngsters.

Because of our growing concern over student safety, our athletic attendance practice is as follows :

  1. 8th grade and younger pupils will not be allowed to attend home evening varsity contests without an adult attending the game with them. An adult may be a parent, coach, grandparent or Children who arrive at the door or gate to a contest without an adult will not be allowed to enter.
  2. This policy will be in effect for all evening varsity football games and evening games for boys’ and girls’ soccer, and boys’ and girls’ basketball.
  3. High school students should be prepared to show identification if the staff member at the gate requests it.

Many SG residents have chosen our community because it is a safe and a healthy place to raise children. We believe this is a core value in our community. We need to work together to ensure the safety of our younger students and believe that this is an important step in rectifying the problem.

If you have comments or questions about this policy, you are welcome to contact us at the following numbers. Thank you for your support and your efforts to focus on what is best for kids.


Susan Swartz, Superintendent of Schools