Academic Standards


  1. Students on co-curricular activities who fail more than one course in a marking period are declared ineligible and placed on academic probation. This probation begins on the day the quarter failure lists are produced.
  2. Coaches or advisors will notify students who are placed on academic probation immediately. Parents will also be notified. A student may request a hearing with the Appeals Committee.
  3. A student on academic probation may not participate in any contest, meeting, or special event for a period of two weeks. During this two-week probation, students are encouraged to work hard to pull up any and all failing averages. A student will pick up a reinstatement form from the office.
  4. Students may practice/participate in no more than 50% of scheduled meetings during this probation period. The other 50% of the time they should be seeking help, making up work, studying, doing research, etc. as appropriate. This 50% practice is to be determined by the coach.
  5. At the conclusion of the two-week probation, a student may be taken off probation if the student takes a reinstatement form to the teacher or teachers of the courses he/she failed and, the teacher states that they are now passing and in good standing.
  6. If after two weeks the academic standard is not achieved, probation continues until such time the standard is reached.
  7. All faculty and committee members will receive a copy of the ineligibility list.
  8. A student on the ineligible list as a result of two or more failures during the 4th quarter goes on a five-week probationary period in the fall of the following year. If at the five-week mark, a student on probation has more than one failure regardless of the course, he/she will immediately go on the regular two-week ineligible step (see #2). If he/she is in good academic standing, he/she is taken off the probation list.
    If one of the two courses failed is a quarter or semester course that will not be rescheduled, the student will be placed on five-week probation immediately. The student will follow the rule pertaining to 4th quarter failures.