Athletic Department stresses the 7 C’s of Athletic Leadership through Service

Leadership through 7s logoLeadership through Service.  Service starts with your teammates and classmates.  Community service projects are wonderful acts of kindness and strongly supported, but those are 1 time functions.  We are referring to a deeper meaning….more of a lifestyle.

To help everyone remember think of The 7 C’s of Athletic Leadership through Service.

  1. Choose the Right Things The choices in everyday life will, not only affect you in the moment, but will have an impact on your future and your team.  Remember last spring when we heard from your fellow student-athletes.
    Think of 3 Positive Choices.   ATTITUDE (A study conducted by the USA Olympic training center shows that 40%-65% of high school athletes do not reach their potential.  You can reach yours with an attitude grounded in wanting to do your best), NUTRITION (Diet is key to game time performance.  You need plenty of Fruits/Vegetables to get vitamins, you need protein and something called magnesium (found in foods like almonds) & finally SLEEP (8 to 10 hours a night.  If not you will be running on less than 100% of your potential).
    Wrong choice: Alcohol, Drug, Tobacco, Vapor – these are hindrances to performance.  Not only will you face penalties, but your potential will be compromised. PERIOD.  That is a fact proven by exercise science on Olympic athletes. A study showed that athletes lost 14 days of their training after just 1 night of partying.
  2.  Competent Knowledge and skill to be successful.  It can only be obtained through listening and practicing. Coaches will give you the knowledge you need to be successful.
  3. Capable Fitness and quality to achieve success. This is obtained through training.  Training needs to be done with maximum effort.  Again do your best every day.
  4. Compassionate Ability to show concern for your teammates is critical for the success of the team.  Coaches are trained to find meaningful roles for every player.  Athletes need to simply respect each other’s roles and treat each other the way they want to be treated.  This simple approach should be taken toward opponents and officials.  Keep in mind parents that the same standards are expected of us.  Shouting negative comments at players or officials is not the Tartan way and will not be tolerated.
  5.  Conscious Effort The intent and motivation of our work.  Our job is to show you student-athletes that these choices are the right choices for you.  Then we want you to make them on your own, but because we told you to make them.  That’s what a conscious effort is.
  6. Character Mental and moral qualities that is important to an individual or group.  We spent a lot of time with this on last year.  Teams are establishing their culture.  For example, we are not going to swear on the court/field, we are not going to be late for practice, we are going to run on and off the court/field. Etc.  Finally,
  7. Commit To Integrity The quality of being honest.  An unimpaired heart will likely tell the truth.  Meaning teach student athletes to tell the truth by not questioning everything they say or asking for someone to back up their statements.  Integrity doesn’t come naturally to most us, but it can be taught and developed.  The more honest a team can be the better chemistry will be, and although victory cannot be promised, better performance can.