Allison Atchley honored as a Friend of Education by CASDA

FEBRUARY 16, 2017

Congratulations to Allison Atchley, Scotia-Glenville’s longtime band director and music teacher, for receiving the 2017 Friends of Education Award from the Capital Area School Development Association (CASDA)!

Allison was among 23 Capital Region educators and community leaders honored during the Friends of Education Awards Dinner at the Renaissance hotel in Albany. This award recognizes the selfless contributions of individuals who dedicate themselves to serving our students and school communities.

She was introduced at the dinner by High School Principal Peter Bednarek and was also accompanied by Choralaires director and music teacher Jessica Crisci.

The CASDA release about Allison’s accomplishments stated it perfectly:

“One cannot walk into room C7 at Scotia-Glenville High School without encountering a hum of student activity. Allison Atchley’s music room constantly buzzes with the sound of rehearsals of the Jazz Band or Brass Ensemble, individual students practicing instruments and groups of pupils doing homework or socializing. She is a tireless advocate for the music program, whether fixing instruments during her “free” periods or organizing a fundraiser to support the arts department. Allison’s care for her students transcends musical instruction.

“Through her example, she instills the values of cooperation, dedication, integrity and accountability. Most importantly, however, she has created a safe space for children to learn, grow and share as they navigate the challenges of High School.

“When Scotia-Glenville’s students were forced to confront unspeakable tragedy, room C7 was a place to grieve, remember and begin to heal. Mrs. Atchley’s love, compassion and understanding were invaluable supports for students in need. The values of love, empathy, integrity and community resonate as clearly as a string section in room C7. For many students at Scotia-Glenville, this room is home. It only makes sense that Mrs. Atchley’s students call her “Mom.”

“Allison Atchley is an inspiration in the Scotia-Glenville community and a true Friend of Education.”

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