TechValley Student Profile

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The Successful TechValley High School Student Guidelines

  • Must be willing to work collaboratively with other students and adults.
  • Must be able to participate in classes at grade level with typical classroom or special education supports.
  • Must be trustworthy
  • Should be interested in or comfortable using technology.
  • Should be curious
  • Must be open to new learning experiences and new types of learning environment.
  • Must be willing and interested in taking four years of math and science courses, including upper level courses such as A2/Trig, Chemistry and Physics.
  • Must be flexible with schedule and transitions between classes/activities.
  • Should be willing to work on time management skills to improve
  • Should be open and willing to entertain different approaches or new ideas open to using laptops as a main platform for completing and submitting work.
  • Should be interested in exploring big questions and finding potential solutions to larger problems as part of learning in courses.
  • Should be able to build agency skills to become self-motivated and self­-directed.
  • Should understand and accept that there are no after school sports/extracurricular activities at TVHS, but that it may be possible to continue to participate in these activities through home district.
  • Must be willing to have classmates who live far away.
  • Must be willing to be part of a culture built on trust, respect, responsibility and stewardship.