***A monthly blog by Susan Swartz, Superintendent***

January 2021

To our Scotia-Glenville Community,

One of the things I have been thinking about doing, for at least the past year, is developing a monthly column to post on our website.  It provides another means of communication to students, staff, and members of our community. It is a means to share information about the school district.  Perhaps in time it will lead to discussion among students, staff, and the Scotia-Glenville community.  With that as the backdrop, this will be the first post for this school year.

I always feel heartened on inauguration day…much as I do at the start of a new school year… by the possibilities a new day, a new beginning, bring.  Just think of it…women gained the right to vote in 1920 and in 2020 our first female vice president was elected. As a woman and leader, I am thrilled.  As an educator, I think about the positive message this sends to our students…dream big!

That said, I am not naïve’. It was January 6, just two short weeks ago, that our Capitol was seized by violent demonstrators. The destruction of property, divisiveness among Americans, and loss of human lives is impossible to fathom…and unacceptable. While I respect the right of each of us to disagree, to espouse various beliefs, to differ in our thinking, I will not condone destruction and violence as a means to resolve our differences.

That’s why much of President Biden’s inaugural speech resonated with me.  It set the tone for the work ahead for us as individuals and for our country.

“But the American story depends not on any one of us, not on some of us, but on all of us, on we the people, who seek a more perfect union. This is a great nation. We are good people. And over the centuries, through storm and strife, in peace and in war, we’ve come so far, but we still have far to go.”

President Joseph R. Biden


Yes, we have far to go.  As the pandemic rages, businesses close, hunger grows, and people continue to view anyone who disagrees with them as “the other”, we must recognize the role each of us will play in moving our country forward, in healing our rifts.  Make no mistake, this is roll up your sleeves, put your head down, difficult work…but at this moment in history, there is no place I’d rather be and no work I am more willing to do!

Susan M. Swartz