Do we need to watch the Khan Academy videos?

COMMENT: For sixth grade Khan Academy summer work, our instruction sheet says we need to do quizzes and unit tests for math and science only. Are we supposed to watch every single video and complete every worksheet as well? I’ve been doing all the lessons and quizzes and unit tests, but it would be a …

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Substitutes – Board of Education meeting, Aug. 12, 2019

TO BE APPROVED BY THE BOARD 8/12/19 Returning BOCES/Substitute Teacher(s): Butler, Shaelei Eichelberger, Carla Hoefer, Susan Krol, Cynthia Langan, Alexander Markham, Thomas Nolan, Danielle Taite, Brenda Returning Substitute Teaching Assistant(s): Gram, Stephen Hoefer, Susan Krol, Cynthia Riegl, Jaime Returning Substitute Tutor(s): Fitch, Mary Substitute Buildings & Grounds Ames, Greg Brooks, Ron Horwedel, Allyson Keenan, Dan …

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