Wearing a mouth mask at school

COMMENT: Are we allowed to wear mouth masks during the school day at the ms? RESPONSE: If this is a medical necessity, we would need to have documentation from your doctor that it is necessary for you to wear such a mask.

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Algebra II help during the school year

COMMENT: Does Scotia-Glenville offer APEX recover for Algebra 2 during the school year? If so how would it work? RESPONSE: Yes, Scotia-Glenville does offer course recovery for Algebra II. However, the appropriateness of using APEX is really on a case-by-case basis best answered by the student’s guidance counselor. Please check with your child’s guidance counselor.

Why are old pictures used in the yearbook?

COMMENT: Hello I am wondering why the yearbook has old pictures in it?  Last years prom, no freshman sports and last years sports teams?  I spent 55$ on it and it’s disappointing. Is this how it’s done every year? RESPONSE: In order to layout and publish a yearbook, deadlines with the publisher are early and …

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