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Kindergarten registration
Kindergarten registration is generally in late January or early February of each school year.
If we have your contact information in our database, pre-kindergarten parents will receive a mailing about registration that includes more information.

If your child is entering kindergarten in September – and you have not already contacted us – please email the information below to as soon as possible.

We need to be sent the following information from Scotia-Glenville preschool parents:
     • Parents' names;
     • Home address;
     Telephone numbers;
     Names and dates of birth for all children under age 6.

THIS IS NOT REGISTERING YOUR CHILD. Your information will be placed in a database at your child's school so that you will receive registration information.

Here's more information about registering a student.



Scotia-Glenville Schools need to hear from its pre-school parents
District needs to be sure it has ages, birthdates and addresses for all children under age 6

As Scotia-Glenville prepares for the future, knowing how many students will enroll over the next few years becomes very important. The district needs to hear from families with children ages newborn to 6 years.

Here is how to contact the schools by telephone:

     Glendaal, Sacandaga and Bolt roads, 382-1201/347-3600
     Glen-Worden, Worden Road, 346-0469/347-3600
     Lincoln, Albion Street, 382-1296/347-3600
     Sacandaga, Wren/Schermerhorn streets, 382-1282/347-3600

If you are not sure of your elementary zone, call the District Office at 382-1215/347-3600.


Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE)
The Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) is available to help any family who has a child between the ages of 3 and 5 residing within the Scotia-Glenville School District. The CPSE will arrange an assessment of the child and help provide services in the areas of speech, motor or social development.

If you have concerns about your child’s development, you may want to have your child evaluated by the CPSE to determine if he/she may qualify to receive support services. The majority of the services will go directly to your home or day care and are free of charge.

Please feel free to contact Kathy Lewek at 386-4304/347-3600 or email at if you have any questions.


Other information for preschool parents:

A full-day kindergarten program began at Scotia-Glenville in September 2009.
Students begin school on the Monday following Labor Day in September each year whereas students in grades 1-12 begin school on the Thursday after Labor Day. For kindergarten students, they are able to visit their new classrooms and meet their new teachers on that Thursday and Friday by appointment. Each school sends a mailing to parents to arrange a schedule for the visits.

flyerAll About Kids preschool at Sacandaga School, but open to all Scotia-Glenville parents.
Full-day pre-school services are coming to Scotia-Glenville!

The Albany-based company, All About Kids (in collaboration with Advanced Therapy), will begin offering pre-school services for children ages 3 and 4 as early as this September. The classroom will be located in the Sacandaga Elementary School at the end of the kindergarten wing. Read more about the Sacandaga program here.

Head Start program is housed at Glen-Worden, but open to all Scotia-Glenville parents
Scotia-Glenville hosts one Head Start program class. It is located at the Glen-Worden Elementary School but is open to all students in the district.
The Schenectady County Head Start is a federal program is run through the Schenectady Community Action Program (SCAP). Here's a link -

MOMS Club of Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Pre-School directory
Moms Offering Moms Support (MOMS) is an international non-profit organization for mothers. The group has developed an area directory of pre-schools (PDF)


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