UPDATED WITH RECIPIENTS – Order tickets for the Founders’ Day dinner, Feb. 7 at the Glen Sanders Mansion

The 78th annual Founders’ Day program will be held beginning at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 7 at the Glen Sanders Mansion, Glen Avenue, Scotia.

The event is sponsored by the Scotia-Glenville PTA Council.

Order your tickets at this link – http://whoozin.com/3CF-N9M-DAKA

Tickets are $29 and include a meal choice from below:

  • Sliced sirloin of beef with shallot demi glaze
  • Chicken Scallopini, egg battered breast with lemon thyme veloute
  • Eggplant Rollatini with marinara sauce

Each includes a starch and vegetable

Congratulations to these Founder’s Day recipients!

They will be honored at the Feb. 7 dinner at the Glen Sanders Mansion:


Michele and Tom Stark, parents
Mary Crandall, staff member


Kirsten Nichter, parent
Officer Kevin Dunbar, community member


Jeanna Weigert, parent
James Saburro, staff member


Chrissy Thompson, parent
Beau Adkins, staff member

Middle School

Michele and Tom Stark, parents
Emily Taft, staff member

High School

Amy Jessup, parent, and Sandra Ernst, parent (Distinguished Service Medal)
Rob Przedwiecki,staff member

PTA Council

David Allen, parent

Here is information about the 2017 Founders’ Day dinner.