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2016-17 questions and concerns

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 Elementary buzz-in security system
 District calendar not yet received
 Grade 9 supply list
 Middle School Open House
 No Pass No Drive Rule
 Post Drama Club practices
 Preschool opportunities
 Thanks for being responsive
 Too slippery to have school today
 Two hour delay?
 You better close today
 Want to keep my daughter here


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driver education this summer?
May 22, 2017
Is SG offering a Driver's Ed course this summer? If so, is the class still available?


RESPONSE:  Thanks for your comment. The short answer is no. Our students join others from Mohonasen, Schalmont and Gulderland at a combined summer academic program offered at Mohonasen. The Mohonasen drivers education program is offered to Mohohasen students first and then to other students if seats allow. There are generally no seats left for non-Mohonasen students as the classes fill quickly. Your best bet is to either enroll your child in a private drivers education program or in the program offered through Schenectady County Community College.


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didn't know about budget/community vote
May 16, 2017
I found out at 5PM via a friend posting on Facebook that there were school district elections yesterday. I did not have time to research candidates, get home from work, and make it to a polling location by that point in the day. I am concerned that I had no notice about this election, as I prefer to have input when my tax dollars are involved. I do not have school-aged children and therefore do not regularly check the school websites. Could someone please direct me to where upcoming election information is posted for future reference so I can start watching for updates?


RESPONSE: Thanks for your comment. I'm sorry that you were unaware of the budget vote. The date has been publicized for several weeks on the website and through the television and newspaper media. In addition, the school district mailed 9,000 8-page newsletters to every address in the district - parents and non-parents alike. That newsletter was mailed around May 5 or 6.

As well, for at least the past 15 years, all school budget votes in New York are held on the third Tuesday of each May.

Please let know if you did not get the newsletter. We can check to see if your carrier was given a newsletter to deliver to you. We, obviously, can not can not control whether the postal service delivers the mail that we give it to deliver.


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thanks for being responsive
february 18, 2017
I would like to thank the district (particularly the administration) for the respectful yet honest responses to the stakeholders thoughts/concerns. What a wonderful gift; thank you.


RESPONSE: Thanks for your comment. We are pleased that you have had a rewarding interaction with your school district and that your expectations were met. It's not always easy but we do try!


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want to keep my daughter here
february 15, 2017
My daughter is enrolled in Scotia Glenville High School and is in 11th grade. I just moved to Schenectady but want to keep her in scotia-glenville schools.
Please let me know if this is okay.
We will be driving her daily to the bus stop.
It's very important that she doesn't go to Schenectady High School as she has a learning disability and she's enrolled in special ed classes in this comfortable with Scotia Glenville.
She also has a speech disability which would impair her for a major adjustment such as switching schools.
Thank you, please get back with me.


RESPONSE: Thanks for your comment. In general, you have to live here in order for your child to attend school here. The only waivers that are typically given are ones involving students in their final months of their senior year. Our suggestion is that you contact Kenn Handin, director of pupil personnel services (which oversees the school district's special education program) at or 347-3600 ext. 74100. He may be able to offer you some advice.

You could also appeal directly to Superintendent Susan Swartz, or 347-3600 ext. 71100. You would need to write a letter to Susan Swartz, Superintendent, at Scotia-Glenville Schools, 900 Preddice Parkway, Scotia, NY 12302. You would also have the option of paying tuition to keep your daughter here. Here is more information about that -
The 2016-17 tuition rates have not yet been set, but this link shows the most recent figures.


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too slippery to have school today
february 13, 2017
You need to close the school it's still slippery an the wind is terrible I'll
sue this district if my kids get in an accident cause of your greediness.


RESPONSE: Thanks for your comment. I will refer you to the two questions and answers below: if you are not happy with the school district's call - if it's slippery in your neighborhood - please keep your child or children home. You are the parent and you should make that call. The school district makes its decision - today was a two-hour delay - based on road conditions as reported by our transportation supervisor and local police and highway departments as well as local and regional weather reports. If your neighborood is bad, please assume your parental responsibility and keep your child or children home and safe.


does scotia-glenville offers driver's education?
february 11, 2017
Does the school offer drivers education?


RESPONSE: Thanks for your comment. The short answer is no. Our students join others from Mohonasen, Schalmont and Gulderland at a combined summer academic program offered at Mohonasen. The Mohonasen drivers education program is offered to Mohohasen students first and then to other students if seats allow. There are generally no seats left for non-Mohonasen students as the classes fill quickly. Your best bet is to either enroll your child in a private drivers education program or in the program offered through Schenectady County Community College.


Unfair not to cancel school for walkers
January 24, 2017
Why is there school when there is clearly a lot of snow on the ground for walkers who have to walk to school should be sent a bus because how are we suppose to walk to school when there over 2 feet of snow and it's still snowing and we're suppose to walk that's not fair


RESPONSE: Thanks for your comment. Please the answer below: if you are a parent, it is your responsibility to cancel school on behalf of your child if you feel conditions are unsafe. Not sure where you live, but this area has not received two feet of snow ALL YEAR, so I don't think there is two feet of snow on the ground outside your door. It is unfortunate that some sidewalks may not be cleared early in the morning but today's snow of about two INCHES should not be a problem to walk through.


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You better close today
January 24, 2017
You better close never mind the money it's about safety


RESPONSE: Thanks for your comment. Schools are closed today because of the weather. Regents exams are postponed until tomorrow. However, YOU are the parents. The school district is not your child's parent. If you feel that conditions outside are unsafe in your neighborhood or on your road  - despite what the school district may determine for the entire school district - please do not send your child to school. That responsibility is YOURS, not the school district's.

Money and funding play no role in the school district's decision about opening or closing school; it is based on reports from highway departments, our transportation director and local weather forecasts. Safety is in fact what it is about - nobody at the school district wants to see an accident happen or children get hurt. Please make that decision for yourself and for your family, despite what Scotia-Glenville may determine.


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two hour delay?
January 11, 2017
Is there a 2 hour delay today 1/11/17


RESPONSE: Thanks for your comment. No, there was not a two-hour delay today.

Had there been, it would have been posted on the website, Scotia-Glenville Facebook page and the school district would have sent out a Blackboard Connect message to everyone.


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Comments from december 14 and 15 bullying forums
January 3, 2017
Where are the questions and answers for the meeting on bullying


RESPONSE: Thanks for your comment. A synopsis of the comments and concerns expressed at the two forums called in December to discuss bullying can be read or downloaded here. The administrators and Board of Education members, several of whom were in attendance, will review these comments.

These took longer to post than we had expected. We apologize.


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post drama club practices
december 22, 2016
I would like to see a schedule for the drama club posted on the web site, as to when the practices will be and from what time to what time and not have it be a last minute thing. How as parents are we supposed to know what is going on with our children when the best we get from our children is I don't
know when it ends. I'll call or text you.


RESPONSE: Thanks for your comment. Students are provided with tentative schedules but those are apt to change as productions are being planned at both the Middle School and High School. The drama club advisors would not have access to the website, so they would not be able to post their schedules. After-school cancelations are typically announced during the last period announcements. The advisors may also chose to communicate with students through text messaging and/or Facebook. If you have additional questions, please contact the advisors directly:

            ▪ High School: Michael Camelo,

            ▪ Middle School: Jill Zygo,


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activate yellow lights on Sacandaga Road
december 19, 2016
Would you please activate the flashing yellow lights on Sacandaga Rd that alerts drivers to a school zone in front of the high school. With the reduced speed limit it would be helpful as a reminder.


RESPONSE: Thanks for your comment. We agree. The school district does not control those yellow lights on Sacandaga Road, a state roadway. We are not even sure that they work. The town of Glenville and the state department of transportation control those lights. The state agreed to activate those lights when the crosswalk was put in across from the high school more than a year ago. We are still awaiting the state's action. It is in progress, but dealing with the state usually takes a long time.


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bullying meetings on december 14 and 15
december 9, 2016
I would like to inquire as to why the only school district personnel at the community meeting this Wednesday, December 14 and Thursday, December 15 to discuss bullying in our schools will be Superintendent Susan Swartz and the HIGH SCHOOL administration?
Whether you want to admit it or not, bullying is happening at the elementary schools as well as the middle school. Why are these administrators not going to be present? My child has been subject to bullying as well as MANY other children. Bullying is NOT only in the high school! ALL administrators should be present. I would also hope that the parents at these meetings will have a voice and not only be there to listen to Superintendent Swartz telling us how to use the DASA reporting system.
We have already seen children in our community hurt because of bullying.
Hopefully this is the time that administrators start to listen AND ACT on our concerns.


RESPONSE: Thanks for your comment. the meetings are designed for the superintendent and administration to hear concerns from parents. All administrators have been encouraged to attend these forums. They can not be required to attend but we are sure several of them will attend.

The primary concerns that have been expressed, and that the superintendent has heard through discipline  hearings, involved bullying at the high school and middle school. Those issues are brought to her attention by filing the DASA forms as required by the state. That triggers an investigation into the issue and creates a paper trail. Many people do not bother to complete the forms, so investigations do not occur in those cases.

She will also define and clarify "bullying" because everybody has a different definition of it. Many of the activities brought to the attention of administrators would qualify as "mean" but not "bullying," as defined by state law. That distinction needs to be understood because they are different issues. Bullying is an action, usually physical, against somebody else that represents an "imbalance of power." Being mean, unfortunately, is a character trait that students and parents have. It is very difficult to combat students being "mean" to each other. That will be addressed at these forums. "Bullying" and "mean" have been around for years and happen at every school district. S-G officials try to combat both as much as possible but they can only do so much at school. These lessons really begin at home.


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Don't wait project - a good resource for schools
november 17, 2016
Hello. I am a S-G Tartan alum, class of '98. I read with a heavy heart that one of our fellow Tartans took her life, and I feel compelled to write. I can't imagine how high school is now, but it definitely wasn't easy when I was there. That being said, there's a project called the Don't Wait Project and it's a program that local schools in Amsterdam, Schenectady, Ballston Spa and Saratoga Springs are already a part of. I think something like this would be worth at least looking into. I already checked out the organization, and you can reach out with a simple e-mail. I urge you to please consider this - life doesn't even really start until after high school, and no one should be robbed of the privilege of life.
Thank you for your time.
Holly Yost
Class of '98


RESPONSE: Thanks for your comment, Holly. We will be sure that your high school and middle school administration are aware of the Don't Wait Project. During the time after a student death, the high school typically has guidance counselors, psychologists and others who talk with and console students and families. Those times are always difficult for the Scotia-Glenville family. Thanks again for the suggestion!


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Elementary visitor buzz-in security system
august 20, 2016
Now that the new system is in place at the Elementary schools, where you have to call in to the office and then they let you in, I have noticed that every time I am let in two or three other people just walk in with me and nobody ever asks them who they are or why they are there. Is it my responsibility to tell them that they can't come in? It seems to take away from the safety aspect that the system is in place for. Thanks!


RESPONSE: Thanks for your comment. It is not your responsibility as a visitor to confront the people who "snuck" in behind you. We agree. Ideally, the door monitor sitting at the desk usually right inside the door would greet those people and ask them to sign into the book as a visitor and/or direct them to the main office. It does detract from this new security feature designed to protect our children in the buildings as much as possible. We would hope that all visitors to the schools would follow this simple protocol.


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middle school open house
august 20, 2016
When is open house at the middle school?

RESPONSE: Thanks for your comment. The Middle School Open House is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 13.


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district calendar not yet received
august 19, 2016
I have not gotten the district calendar in the mail, and noticed that some people have already. Is there someplace I can pick one up?

RESPONSE: Thanks for your comment. The calendars were just dropped in the mail on Wednesday, August 17, so you may not have gotten it in two days. If you do not receive one, there are extras at the District Office, at the end of Lark Street, in Scotia, or at any school building. It can also be downloaded from the school website, The dates have also already been put into the web calendar on the website.


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State standardized test score results
august 10, 2016
When will we receive the test scores from 2015-2016?

RESPONSE: Thanks for your comment. The school district contracts with the Capital Region BOCES to produce the English Language ARts and mathematics state testing results. The reports provide parents with information about their child’s performance level (1, 2, 3, or 4) and their child’s performance compared to other children in the same grade across the state. The format of the reports to parents changed this year and will show more detail about your child's performance. There's more information about that here. You should receive your child's results by the end of August or beginning of September.


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Grade 9 supply list
july 29, 2016
When or where can I obtain a supply list for 9th grade?

RESPONSE: Thanks for your comment. At the high school, teachers will tell students in the first few days of school what supplies they need for the school year. They do not produce those lists in advance as they do at the middle school.


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No Pass no drive rule
july 29, 2016
COMMENT: Does Scotia-Glenville have a no pass no drive rule?

RESPONSE: Thanks for your comment. Scotia-Glenville does not revoke a student’s ability to drive to school or park on campus because he or she may fail a grade or classes. The code of conduct outlines under what circumstances a student driver may lose privileges to park on campus: “violation of parking/driving rules, which include parking in RESERVED slots, may result in an immediate loss of parking privileges.” It also states that privileges “may also be revoked for chronic offenders of the code of conduct.”


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pre-school opportunities
july 18, 2016

COMMENT: I am new to the area. Just bought my first house in Glenville. I have a little one who will be 3 on October 13th this year. I would love to have him start pre-school. The only thing I am seeing for pre-school is income based pre-school through SCAP. Is there another option that is not based on income?I would really love to have him start in September!


RESPONSE:  Thanks for the comments. Welcome to Scotia-Glenville! The school district does have a pre-school program loacated in its school buildings except for Head Start, which as you mentioned is income-based.
There are several good private preschools in the area, such as the Glenville Co-Op Nursery on North Ballston Avenue, Tiny Town Child Development Center on Saratoga Road, Mayfair Nursery School on Glenridge Road and Open Door Preschool on MacArthur Drive. As a school district, we do not formally endorse any of these programs.
There are others in Schenectady, Clifton Park, Rotterdam and other nearby areas as well.


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