School busChildcare/Daycare Request Form

Use this form to request bus transportation to a daycare provider within the attendance zone of your child's school.


Non-public transportation

Does your child attending a non-public school need transportation? If so, you need to complete and return this form (in PDF) by April 1. If you don't have PDF on your computer, go to www.adobe.com/products/adobe to download the free Adobe Reader application.

For our children’s protection: Remember the Safety Laws

It is illegal to pass a bus displaying its flashing red lights. These lights are displayed when students are getting on or off the vehicle. This law is strictly enforced, and all violators shall be fully prosecuted.


A Reminder to Motorists...

School buses discharging or taking on passengers on school property fall under the same laws as buses on public roads.


Bus Transportation Questions?

Contact the transportation supervisor at the Transportation Office, 382-1291.

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