Scotia-Glenville School District Policies and table of contents

Here are the school district's policies as adopted by the Board of Education. These policies are enforced by the school district administration, including administrators and teachers.

They are revised from time to time as they are being reviewed by the Board of Education Policy Committee and by board members.Adobe PDF icon

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Table of Contents of Board of Education policies 0000 (District Philosophy of Education) through 9540 (Regulation: Drug-Free Workplace) [MORE] PDF  10 pages

Appendix B (Superintendent's Performance Evaluation - 3160) and Appendix D (Section 504 Complaint Procedure) through Appendix AA (Independent Educational Evaluations - 5510.1) [MORE] PDF  111 pages

Appendix C (School district organizational chart - 3230) [MORE] PDF   One page



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District Policy Manual Table of Contents

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5000 STUDENTS    






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0000 District Philosophy of Education

0001 Purpose and Objectives Continuing Education

0100 Equal Opportunity

0110 Sexual Harassment

0110-R Sexual Harassment Regulation

0150 HIV/AIDS Policy

0150-E Persons with HIV-Related Illness Exhibit

0310 Evaluation of School Board Operational Procedures

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1000 Community Relations Goals

1050 Annual District Meeting

1120 Public Access to Records     (Appendix G)

1120-R Regulation: Public Access to Records

1120-E School District Records Exhibit

1121 Access to Public Address Labels

1130 News Media Relations

1131 Public Information Program

1200 Community Involvement

1210 Citizens’ Committees

1222 Relations with Booster Organizations

1230 Public Participation at Board Meetings

1240 Visitors to the Schools

1240-R Visitors to the Schools Regulation

1250 Senior Citizen Passes

1251 Senior Citizen Continuing Education Discount

1400 Public Complaints

1410 Complaints About Policies

1420 Complaints About Curricula or Instructional Materials

1420-R Complaints About Curricula or Instructional Materials Regulation

1420-E Complaints About Curricula or Instruction Materials Exhibit

1500 Public Use of School Facilities

1511 Advertising in the Schools

1511-R Regulation: Advertising Materials and Announcements

1520 Public Conduct on School Property

1520-R Public Conduct on School Property Regulation

1530 Prohibition of Use of Tobacco Products

1540 Comprehensive Policy Concerning Alcohol and Other Substances     (Appendix Z)

1551-R Advertising Materials and Announcements Regulation

1620.1 Convicted Sex Offenders Residing in the District Subject to Supervision by the NYS Division of Parole (Appendix I)

1740 Relations with Other Education Agencies

1741 Home Instruction

1741-R Home Instruction Regulation

1800 Gifts from the Public

1900 Parental Involvement

1925 Interpreters for Hearing-Impaired Parents

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2000 Board Operational Goals

2100 Board of Education Legal Status

2110 Board of Education Powers and Duties

2111 Board Member Authority

2112 Board of Education Interviewing

2120 Board of Education Elections

2120.1 Candidates and Campaigning

2120.2 Voting Procedures

2120.2-E Application for Absentee Ballot

2121 Board Member Qualifications

2130 Board Member Resignation

2140 Board Member Removal from Office

2160 School Board Member Ethics

2160-R School District Officer and Employee Code of Ethics

2210 Board Organization Meeting

2220 Board Officers

2230 Appointed Board Officials

2240 Board-Superintendent Relationship

2260 Advisory Committees to the Board

2261 Committee on Special Education (CSE)

2270 School Attorney

2280 Consultants to the Board

2281 Appointment and Conditions of Service of Impartial Hearing Officers

2300 School Board Meetings

2310 Regular Meetings

2320 Special Meetings

2325 Special District Meetings

2330 Executive Session

2340 Notice of Meetings

2341 Agenda Format

2342 Agenda Preparation and Dissemination

2351 Quorum

2352 Rules of Order

2360 Minutes

2400 School Board Policies

2410 Formulation, Adoption, Amendment of Policies

2430 Suspension of Policies

2450 Policy Dissemination

2460 Policy Review and Evaluation

2510 New Board Member Orientation

2521 School Board Conferences, Conventions and Workshops

2530 Membership in School Board Association

2550 Board Member Compensations and Expenses

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3100 Superintendent of Schools

3120 Duties of Superintendent

3130 Superintendent’s Contract      (Appendix A) (Board Members Only)

3131 Use of District Vehicle(s)

3140 Employee Laptop User Policy and Agreement

3160 Evaluation of Superintendent

3230 Organization Chart

3310 School District Regulations

3350 Administrative Procedures

3400 Administrative Reports

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4100 School Calendar

4112 School Day

4240 Curriculum Guides

4310 Basic Instruction Program

4311.1 Display of the Flag

4311.1-R Regulation: Display of the Flag

4313.1 Religious and Cultural Music in School

4321.1 Allocation of Space for Special Education Programs and Services

4321.5 Dissemination of a Student’s IEP

4326 Limited English Proficiency Instruction

4327 Home or Hospital Instruction

4331 Summer School

4340 Adult Education Program

4355 Internet Safety / Internet Content Filtering Policy

4355-R Internet Safety / Internet Content Filtering Guidelines

4360 Staff Use of Computerized Information Resources

4360-R Staff Use of Computerized Information Resources Regulation

4360-F Staff Access Release Authorization Form

4411 Special Education Student Placement

4511 Textbook Selection and Adoption

4513 Library Materials Selection and Adoption

4514 Movies, Videos, and Other Audiovisual Materials

4514-R Regulation Governing the Use of Movies, Videos, and Other Audiovisual Materials

4531 Field Trips and Excursions

4532 School Volunteers

4710 Grading Systems

4714 Parent Conferences

4714.1 Interpreters for Hearing Impaired Parents

4720 Testing Programs

4730 Homework

4750 Promotion and Retention of Students

4770 Graduation Requirements

4771 Early Graduation

4773 Opportunities for Earning a High School Diploma

4773.1 Individualized Education Program Diploma

4810 Teaching About Controversial Issues

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5020 Equal Educational Opportunities

5020.1 Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)

5020.1-R Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) Regulation

5020.2 Preschool Disabled Student Access to Programs

5030 Student Complaints and Grievances

5110 School Attendance Areas

5120 School Census

5130 Compulsory Attendance Ages

5140 Entrance Age

5151 School Admissions of a Resident Student

5152 School Admissions of Nonresident Students

5152.1 Admission of Foreign Students

5152.2 Education of Homeless Children

5153 Assignment of Children to School

5154 Assignment of Students to Classes

5155 Student Withdrawal from School

5159 Student Attendance

5160 Student Absences and Excuses

5161 Truancy and Tardiness

5182 Release Time for Religious Instruction

5191 Comprehensive Policy Concerning Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

5210 Student Organizations

5211 Handicapped Student Access to School District Programs and Extracurricular Activities

5212 Academic/Behavioral Standards and Procedures for Student Participation in Extracurricular Activities

5220 Student Publications

5251 Student Fund Raising Activities

5252 Student Activities Funds Management

5260 Student Contests

5280 Athletics     (Appendix N)

5310 Student Discipline

5311.5 Student Dress

5312.1 Drug and Alcohol Abuse     (Appendix Z)

5312.2 Dangerous Weapons in School

5312.3 Smoking

5313 Searches and Interrogations

5313.2 In-School Suspension

5313.3 Suspension

5314 Corporal Punishment Complaint     (Appendix M)

5340 Comprehensive Policy Concerning Alcohol and Other Substances     (Appendix Z)

5350 Internet Use Policy

5355 Student Use of Computerized Information Resources (Acceptable Use Policy)

5355-R Student Use of Computerized Information Resources (Acceptable Use Guidelines)

5355-F Student Access Release Authorization Form

5405 Wellness Policy

5410 Student Insurance Program

5420 Student Health Services

5425 Emergency Health Care/Anaphylaxis     (Appendix V)

5450 Student Safety

5450.1 Concussion Management

5450.1-R Concussion Management Regulation

5451 Supervision of Students

5454 Student Automobile Use

5460 Suspected Child Abuse     (Appendix H)

5500 Student Records

5510 Student Evaluation

5510.1 Student Evaluation (Independent)    (Appendix AA)

5510.2 Preschool Consent Policy

5550 Student Privacy

5550-R Regulation: Student Privacy Procedures

5620 Pregnant Students

5660 Solicitations

5665 Student Educational Field Trips

5680 Student Fees, Fines and Charges

5690 Remedial Services

5695 Parent Involvement in Compensatory Education Services

5710 Private and Parochial Schools – Textbook Loans

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6000 Fiscal Management Goals

6100 Annual Budget

6110 Budget Planning

6111 Budget Deadlines and Schedules

6113 Dissemination of Budget Information

6120 Budget Hearing

6130 Budget Adoption

6140 Budget Implementation

6150 Budget Transfers

6200 Revenue

6210 Local Tax Levy

6220 State Aid

6230 Federal Funds

6240 Investments

6251 Rents from District Property

6252 Gate Receipts and Admissions

6254 Non-resident Tuition

6255 Gifts and Private Grants

6300 Temporary Financing Through Issuance of Notes

6400 Depositories of Funds

6500 Bonded Employees and Officers

6600 Fiscal Accounting and Reporting

6610 Accounting System

6620 Types of Funds

6630 Financial Reports and Statements

6640 Accounting of Fixed Assets and Inventories

6650 Internal Auditor

6670 Petty Cash Funds

6680 Extra Classroom Activity Funds

6700 Purchasing

6710 Purchasing Authority

6720 Procurement Procedures

6740 Cooperative Purchasing

6750 State Contract Purchases

6760 Vendor Relations

6770 Payment Procedures

6780 Expense Reimbursement

6780-R Regulation: Expense Reimbursement

6781 Meals and Refreshments

6781-R Regulation: Meals and Refreshments

6782 Credit Cards

6783 Purchase Cards

6800 Payroll Procedures

6900 Disposal of District Property

6910.1 Reserve for Employee Benefit Accrued Liabilities, the Reserve for Workers’ Compensation, and the Unemployment Insurance Reserve

6910.2 Reserve for Debt Services

6910.3 Reserve for Tax Certiorari

6910.4 Retirement Contributions Reserve

6910.5 Fund Balance Classification

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7000 Facilities Development Goals

7100 Facilities Planning

7120 Enrollment Projections

7200 Financing Facilities Development

7300 Facilities Construction

7310 Educational Specifications

7320 Selection of Architect or Engineer

7330 Plans, Specifications and Cost Estimates

7340 Site Acquisition

7350 Construction Contracts, Biddings and Awards

7360 Acceptance and Dedication of New Facilities

7500 Naming Facilities

7600 Temporary School Facilities

7700 Repair and Renovation of Facilities

7810 Retirement or Closing School Facilities

7820 Disposition of Real Property

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8100 Safety Program

8110 Maintenance of Public Order on School Premises and in School Buildings

8115 Buildings and Grounds Inspections

8120 First Aid

8125 Accident Reports

8130 Emergency Management Plan

8133 Pest Management

8135 Fire Drills

8140 Emergency Closings

8200 Buildings and Grounds Management

8210 Buildings and Grounds

8215 Vandalism

8230 Traffic Control

8235 Public Use of School Buildings and Grounds

8330 Authorized Use of District-Owned Materials and Equipment

8331 Use of Cell Phones

8400 Transportation

8410 Student Transportation To and From School

8415 Student Transportation for Field Trips, Athletics and Extracurricular Activities

8420 Student Transportation in Private Vehicles

8425 School Bus Safety

8430 Student Conduct on School Buses

8435 Special Use of School Buses

8440 School Bus Driver Qualifications and Training

8445 School Bus Maintenance

8446 Idling School Buses on School Grounds

8450 Use of Private Vehicles on School Business

8500 School Lunch Program

8501 Meal Charge Policy

8633 Records Management

8700 Insurance

8710 Property Insurance

8715 Liability Insurance

8720 Student Accident Insurance

8725 Workers’ Compensation Insurance

8730 Unemployment Insurance

8735 Disability Insurance

8740 Health Insurance

8745 Dental Insurance

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9000 Personnel Policy Goals

9010 Equal Employment Opportunity       (Title IX [Appendix T]         Section 504 (Appendix D])

9015 Employee Indemnification

9030 Oath

9040 Sexual Harassment of Staff

9100 Staff Ethics        (Appendix F)

9110 Staff Conflicts of Interest

9140.1 Staff Complaints/ Title IX or Section 504

9211 Instructional Staff Qualifications

9220 Instructional Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans

9223 Instructional Staff – Family and Medical Leave Act       (Appendix U)

9230 Instructional Staff Recruiting and Hiring

9240 Substitute Instructional Staff Employment

9251 Instructional Staff Probation and Tenure

9253.4 Suspension, Dismissal or Other Discipline of Instructional Staff Member

9260 Instructional Staff Assignments and Transfers

9261 Conditional Appointment & Emergency Conditional Appointment – Student Safety Policy

9290.1 Employment of Relatives of Board Members or School Administrators for Instructional Positions

9290.2 Evaluation of Instructional Staff

9295 Professional Staff Health Examinations

9310 Support Staff Positions

9320 Support Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans

9323 Support Staff – Family and Medical Leave Act

9330 Support Staff Recruiting and Hiring

9390.1 Evaluation of Support Staff

9390.2 Supervision of Support Staff

9390.3 Employment of Relatives of Board Members or School Administrators for Support Staff Positions

9392 Support Staff Health Examinations

9395 Controlled Substances and Alcohol Testing

9411 Board Negotiations

9412 Superintendent’s Role in Negotiations

9510 Personnel Records

9525 Emergency Health Care/Anaphylaxis

9531 Comprehensive Policy Concerning Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

9535 Exposure Control Plan (Blood borne Pathogens Standards)

9540 Drug-Free Workplace

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A Superintendent’s Contract (3130; Board Members’ Policy Books only)

B Evaluation of Superintendent of Schools    (3160)

C Organizational Chart     (3230)

D Section 504 Complaint Procedure     (5020;     9010)

E Rules and Regulations for Maintenance of Public Order On Premises and in Buildings of Scotia-Glenville Central School District     (1520;     8110)

F Code of Ethics     (2160;     9100)

G Administrative Regulation: Public Access to School District Records     (1120)

H Administrative Regulation: Child Abuse     (5460)

I Administrative Regulations: Convicted Sex Offenders Residing in the District Subject to Supervision by the NYS Division of Parole     (1620.1)

J Procedure for the Selection of Curriculum-Related Materials in the Scotia-Glenville Central School District    (1420)

M Corporal Punishment Complaint Procedure and Form     (5314)

N Athletic Handbook     (5280)

O Exposure Control Plan (Blood borne Pathogens Standard)     (9535)

P Investment Policy     (6240)

Q Academic Standards and Procedures     (5212)

R Procurement Procedures     (6720)

T Title IX Complaint Procedure     (5020;     9010)

U Family and Medical Leave Act (Administrative Regulations and Procedures)     (9223;     9323)

V Emergency Health Care/Anaphylaxis     (5425;     9525)

W Controlled Substances and Alcohol Testing     (9395)

X Pest Management     (8133)

Y Comprehensive Policy Concerning Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)     (5191;     9531)

Z Comprehensive Policy Concerning Alcohol and Other Substances     (5312.1;     5340;     9540)

AA Independent Educational Evaluations     (5510.1)

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