The Blackboard Connect notification system to be used again this year to alert parents of closings and emergencies

september 14, 2016

The Blackboard Connect mass notification system – which sends emails, text messages and makes telephone calls – will again be used this school year by Scotia-Glenville to announce school closures, delays and other emergencies.

The district plans to use parent contact information in the PowerSchool student data system this year, so please be sure that information is accurate. Uploads will be made regularly to the Blackboard system to keep the information as up to date as possible.


AN EARly Blackboard test was completed today when the middle school was forced to close: If that information is accurate and you are OK with the way that we contacted you, you do not need to do anything. We will send messages to the information that we have in the student data system in the future.



If parents ESTABLISHED a blackboard account lAST YEAR, that information is still in the system. To update any of that information, including cell phone numbers for text messages, please log into the Blackboard Parent Portal link below and use your email and password to update your information.

If parents dO NOT HAVE a Blackboard account, and happen to know their child’s Student Identification Code/Reference Number, they can log into the Blackboard Parent Portal below to set up an account.

If PARENTS do not know THEIR child’s Student Identification Code, parents can still sign up for the system through the Community Portal link below, or can email for their child's Student Identification Code/Reference Number and use the Blackboard Parent Portal link below. Please indicate your child’s name, grade and school.

PLEASE NOTE: If you sign up using the Community Portal, the system will still contact you through the information in the Powerschool student data system. The only way to override that information is to "associate" with your child by having his or her Student Identification Code/Reference Number when you set up the page originally through the Parent Portal.




PARENTS: You will need:

• An active email address
• Your child’s Student Identification Code/Reference Number
You will be prompted to set up your own account, using an email as your userID and developing a password. Once you go through the initiation process, you will log in with your email address and password in the future.


STAFF: Contact Robert Hanlon at to set up a page in the system for you. Staff members can also set up an account by clicking on the community link below. The same notifications are sent to those who have enrolled through the Community link.




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• An active email address
• To develop a password




Blackboard connect PARENTS



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