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June 27, 2015

Here's the graduation program for the ceremony (PDF).


When graduating senior Fiona Beaton was in eighth grade, her social studies teacher, Matt Kirwan, passed on a piece of wisdom that still guides her today: "People judge you within the first 30 seconds of meeting you," he told her.

That thought both scared and challenged her over the past five years, she told the 204 Scotia-Glenville graduates and their friends and families gathered for the 107th Scotia-Glenville High School graduation at Procter's Theater today.

"Scotia-Glenville has given us all the tools to use that 30 seconds to our advantage if we choose to," she told the graduates minutes after being introduced by Kirwan. "Show respect, acceptance and tolerance in our future interactions with others, for they will judge you in the first 30 seconds. Use those 30 seconds wisely - they could change your life."

Here is Fiona's speech (PDF).

Senior Kyle Yagielski, who was introduced by guidance counselor Lise Williams, explored the meaning of being a Tartan - Scotia-Glenville's mascot and athletic symbol. He said it is strictly defined as a patchwork fabric from Scottish descent.

"As you sit here, you are a Tartan - with all the respect that brings - for the rest of your life," he said, noting that at Scotia-Glenville the patchwork includes academics, sports, fine arts, science bowls and the many activities that students are involved with every day. "What is a Tartan? We are the Tartans!"

Superintendent Susan Swartz said she wondered what the future holds for the 204 students who would walk across the stage for their diplomas. "What path will you take? That path will be neither straight nor flat. Sometimes, you won't even see a path. It is the motivation that will keep you going."

She encouraged students to chose their friends wisely, find a purpose, don't fear changing course in life, struggle with something and to practice compassion and tolerance. "Do what is right for the greater good," she told them.

"You have an opportunity to bring the world together, so that in 30 years, we have a better world and you will be the ones who did that," said Board of Education President David Bucciferro. He noted that they would be the ones to tame the technology and media age we live in and use that power to solve many of the world's problems.


Student photoThe Scotia-Glenville High School Scholastic Honor Awards

Congratulations to these 14 Scotia-Glenville members of the Class of 2015 who received  Scholastic Honor Award Medals at graduation because of their high achievement over four years of high school: Madeleine Carroll, Brittany Conlon, John Dean, Megan Hardy, Megan Hillis, Margaret Ketchen, Micaelyn Ketchen, Lauren Melanson, Mallory Paszkiewicz, Justin Phillips, Alexandra Polsinelli, Pamela Rice, Daniel Zeglen and Lydia Zhou.
Each student graduated with an average of 95% or higher.

Read more about the Scholastic Honor Award recipients here.

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Departmental Awards

At today's ceremony, these students received Departmental Medals, signaling that the student "completed a sequence in the subject, excelled academically, demonstrated commitment and enthusiasm which is indicative of continued interest and success in the field."

 Recipients of the Departmental Medals were:

ENGLISH - Pamela Rice

LANGUAGE - Megan Hillis

MATHEMATICS - Justin Phillips


SOCIAL STUDIES - Justin Phillips

ART Courtney Lykins



MUSIC - Kyle Yagielski



TECHNOLOGY - Ted Bieling


Student photoStudents and staff recognized by the Board of Education

June 22, 2015

The Board of Education recognized five members of the Class of 2015 for Outstanding Student Leadership Awards.

These graduating seniors received Special Student Accomplishment Awards: Joseph Cremo, Savannah Fleetwood, John Dean,  Justin Phillips, Alexander Tunison and Daniel Zeglen. [Read MORE] camera link icon

Board of Education recognizes distinguished students from the Class of 2014



Here are some photos from today's graduation. Click on the image to enlarge it.


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