Board of Education sets 2010-11 tax rates

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FOR RELEASE: Thursday, August 13, 2010

Scotia-Glenville school tax rate in Scotia and Glenville increases by 0.75% from previous year – more than 2 percentage points lower than projected in May

Lower STAR reimbursements from the state will mean higher bills

The Board of Education tonight adopted school tax rates that are 0.75 percent higher than the 2009-10 school year and 2.35 percentage points lower than the district projected before the May vote. At the time, the district estimated the tax rate for Scotia and Glenville taxpayers would increase by a maximum of 3.1 percent.

The increase means that the typical homeowner with a $160,000 property assessment in Scotia and Glenville would pay an additional $22.44 in taxes that are due in September BEFORE reductions from the state's STAR school tax reduction program.

Because of changes in the state's equalization rates for each town, the impact of school taxes is felt differently in the three communities that make up the Scotia-Glenville school district. About 99.8 percent of Scotia-Glenville is located in Glenville or Scotia.

The Board of Education adopted the following tax rates:

Town 2010-11 tax rate Change from 2009-10 2009-10 tax rate
Glenville $20.01 per $1,000 assessed value 0.75% increase $19.87 per $1,000
Charlton $26.01 per $1,000 assessed value 3.24% increase $25.21 per $1,000
Amsterdam $185.81 per $1,000 assessed value 7.86% increase $172.34 per $1,000

"We are grateful that, after a painful series of budget reductions in the spring, our community supported the 2010-11 spending plan that will continue to advance education opportunities for the 2,800 Scotia-Glenville students who walk through our doors every day," said Superintendent Susan M. Swartz.

The 2010-11 budget called for $2 million in spending cuts and the elimination of 19.7 full-time positions, including teachers, teaching assistants, aides and monitors.

Changes to the state's STAR program
Because of changes to the state's STAR tax reduction program, the amount of reduction in September's school tax bills will not be as large as last year.

The exemption for Basic STAR will decline to $26,460 ($29,730 in 2009-10) and the Enhanced STAR exemption will drop to $51,090 ($56,280 in 2009-10).

For the 2010-11 school year, the basic STAR savings will be $529.46 and the Enhanced STAR savings (for homeowners over age 65) will be $1,022.30. As a result of the lower STAR reimbursements from the state, the typical Basic STAR property owner will see a $83.70 higher tax bill and the typical Enhanced STAR property owner will see a $118.40 higher tax bill.

During the 2009-10 school year, those savings were $591 for Basic STAR homeowners and $1,118 for Enhanced STAR homeowners.

Below is an outline of the three types of school tax bills – without STAR, Basic STAR and Enhanced STAR – in Scotia-Glenville.

Assessment 2010-11 school tax bill STAR savings 2009-10 school tax bill
$160,000 (No STAR) $3,201.57 $0 $3,179.13
$133,540 (Basic STAR) $2,672.11 $529.46 $2,558.41
$108,910 (Enhanced STAR) $2,179.27 $1,022.30 $2,060.87

or further information, contact Susan Swartz, Superintendent, at 382-1215 or Robert Hanlon, Communications, at 386-4343.

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