Reading for the Mission a Success!

 march 17, 2016

The Middle School gymnasium was filled with 58 quiet grade 6 students and six staff members for two and a half  hours last Friday evening - as they gathered for the first Reading for the Mission event.

The event raised $141 as well as 210 bars of soap and 188 washcloths that were donated to the Schenectady City Mission.

"I dropped the donations off to the City Mission and they were so very grateful!," said teacher Kim Morgan, who organized the event with teacher Katie Broers. "The kids were awesome and read quietly and we enjoyed make your own sundaes thanks to the generous donation from Stewarts!"

 The read-a-thon was an optional event for all sixth grade students, the teachers noted in this letter to parents (PDF). "Students who decide to attend will be part of a very fun and rewarding evening!," she told parents.

Students were told that "focused, silent reading is the key," " books appropriate in a school setting are to be read, not magazines or comic books. Electronic reading devices are fine to bring and may be used with headphones for listening to audio books while reading but the school is not responsible for them" and "cell phones must remain off during the event."

They were encouraged to bring sleeping bags, bean bags, blankets and/or pillows.

Here are a few photos from the day. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

 Student photo  Student photo

 Student photo  Student photo                                                  

 Student photo  Student photo

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