kindergarten students develop ways to keep animals on the farm

may 11, 2017

Students in Vicky Milkins’s kindergarten class had a tremendous problem: they need to create a fence to keep Old MacDonald’s animals – pigs, horses, cows and sheep – from drifting off the farm.

Working in teams of three, students had to use items like popsicle sticks, marshmallows, green cardstock, small plastic animals, play dough and pipe cleaners to hold the animals at bay. They used STEM techniques to develop an outline of their animal pens and to create models of them.

And they had to do this all in 20 minutes.

“The groups worked hard for 20 minutes negotiating, discussing and changing based on the structure,” said Milkins. She said students figured every angle, even filling the gaps in the fence with marshmallows and dough to prevent any escapes.

Check out the sheet that guided the students in their work (PDF).

Check out these few pictures from the activity. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Student photo   Student photo

                                           Student photo





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